May 3, 2015

Gabbar is Back Sunday (3rd Day) Collection Update for Morning and Noon shows

Gabbar is Back has started very well on Sunday (3rd day) at box office. Film opened better on 3rd day than both Friday and Saturday. It recorded around occupancy of 40-45% for Morning shows. After that film has picked up well and for Noon shows recorded occupancy around 65%. Just for comparison Friday Noon occupancy was near around 50%. 

Film is doing pretty well across all corners of India. If film holds wells in Evening and Night shows then expect a very good number for Sunday. Generally film tends to show lesser occupancy from Evening onward on Sunday as next day is working day. However as there is Buddha Purnima on Monday and it is Holiday in various parts of India, expect film to hold well in later Half of Sunday also.
Delhi and Gurgaon is doing extremely well in Noon shows with occupancy of 70% and 80% respectively. Mumbai is good with 55%. Pune is excellent again with 75%. Kanpur is doing much better today as Noon shows occupancy reported around 55%. Lucknow is very good with latest occupancy reported around 65-70%.

Occupancy Report for Sunday Noon Shows [Samples Taken] -

Delhi - 70%
Gurgaon - 80%
Mumbai - 55%
Pune - 75%
Kanpur - 55%
Lucknow - 65-70%

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  1. where are the early trends for day 3...plz update