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May 1, 2015

Gabbar is Back Movie Review. Lion Roars Big Against Corruption!

Much awaited Gabbar is Back starring Akshay Kumar and Shruti Haasan is released all across India on 1st May. There is big expectation from the film as it stars Akshay in lead role. Plus film is from the producers of Rowdy Rathore which is co-incidentally Akshay's biggest hit till date. So, expectation just increases. Film is directed by Krish and will be known in few days whether he is here to stay in Bollywood or not. Akshay despite having lows in recent years, have given selected rejoices in Holiday and Baby in last few months. So, will Gabbar add to that line of filmography or will be another dud in making. Let's do the movie review of Gabbar is Back.

Yes, Gabbar is Back and this time he is a Lion. He is a Hero for a change. He roars alone against corruption and his team joins him in fight against corruption.
Story - Gabbar is a remake of Ramana. Gabbar is a story of one man who fights against corruption which is the main termite of nation today. Story is simple. Aditya (Akshay Kumar) is a professor who has lost his wife (Kareena Kapoor Khan, guest appearance) in a building collapse. She was pregnant at the time of death. With system succumbing to corruption Aditya doesn't get the proper justice of his wife death. He plans to wipe out corruption from root level and thus form an army of his own. Will he succeed in his motive. Will he able to take revenge of his wife death? Will be able to raise a voice against corruption. For this you have to watch Gabbar.

Highlights - Film has many highlights. Action is of top notch level. Many dialogues in the film are excellent. Many scenes in the movie are heart touching specially the Hospital scene which is the High point of the movie. Yes, Doctors also do corruption and that is well shown in Gabbar.

Music - Music of Gabbar is strictly average. It is not upto the level of Rowdy Rathore. This is a big minus and hope it does not have a final say in the business of the film.

Performances - Akshay Kumar is back to top form with Gabbar. He has delivered yet another career defining performance in Gabbar. He look solid in Baby, but is roaring with full blow in Gabbar. He is back and back with bang. His action scenes are of top notch and reminded us of his 90s. Shruti Haasan plays the love interest of Akshay in the film. She looks beautiful in the film. Her role is short, but sweet. She does proper justice to her character 'Shruti' in the film. Overall she is refreshing in the film. Suman Talwar playing the main villain in the film gives competitive performance. He could have been better as looked plastic and rigid in places. Sunil Grover is the surprise package of the film. He is terrific as Sadhu. Also he gets a good and significant role. Hope Gabbar changes his 'Gutthi' image and he gets more powerful role in silver screen in coming days.

Verdict - Overall Gabbar is a nice Action Masala Family entertainer. Except the average music in the film, rest everything is more or less good. Akshay is the one man army of Gabbar and he carries whole film in his shoulder and has come out triumph. Gabbar will open good at box office and has good content which will drive it long in theaters. Had promos of Gabbar been cut well and marketed better film might have seen better and bigger opening. Still content is the main king, which is good for Gabbar and film should do well as word of mouth will come out. Not only expect, but also want this film to be a big Hit in coming days, as its heart is in right place. Hope Gabbar Roars Big in coming days at box office and be a Sanjeevani for all badly bruised exhibitors and distributors.

Ratings - 3.5/5. Recommended to all. And a must watch for all Akshay Kumar fans as he is roaring in full form again. Just go for it.

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