April 25, 2015

Wake Up Bollywood Before its Too Late. Open Letter!

Days are gone when Hollywood films are released in India in limited screens to keep its fan following in tact in the country. Now not only Hollywood films are getting good screen count, but also getting big opening. No doubt Hollywood films are making big in roads in India and trend is just set to increase with more big line up of films coming in upcoming months. Fast and Furious 7 opened to 12+ crore nett in first day and has nearly collected a 100 crore till date at India box office. Yesterday release The Avengers - Age of Ultron has opened to 10+ crore nett on Friday and is expected to do the same in coming days. What is surprising that when Hollywood films are doing nearly business of 100 crore in India, no Bollywood film in 2015 have able to touch 100 in first four months of the year which is significantly 1/3rd of the whole year. 

As far as Bollywood is concerned Baby is the highest grosser of the year with business of nearly 96 crore. Sad part is that only 4 films that can be considered plus in 2015. From that also Badlapur and Dum Laga Ke Haisha considered outright Hit, whereas Baby and NH10 are Semi Hits.

What are the reasons for such bad trend of Bollywood films in recent times. There are many, but to be specific

1. Bad content - Films are releasing every week in theaters. Every week they are praised highly by the film fraternity and critics, but hardly shown interest by the theater audiences. Audiences want entertainment with good message. Now no one can fool audiences as there is so much of promotion. One gets to know about the music of the film. Can watch the trailer in TV to judge about how will be the product.

2. Dearth of Stars Quotient - Bollywood can boast of few stars such as the Khans (Aamir, Shah Rukh and Salman), Hrithik Roshan, Akshay Kumar, Ajay Devgn and to some extent Ranbir Kapoor. Yes, a certain Ranveer and Varun can also have opening but that also is driven by content. With all big stars doing only one movie at a time except Akshay, frequency of star driven films are getting lesser every year. So, where are the new imports? Bollywood have to look beyond just star kids for next gen superstars and time is good to have a look at few fresh outsiders also. Who knows he might be the next Amitabh Bachchan or a SRK.

3. Where are those Good Script Writers - As audience are getting mature they are looking for films with good message and good content. For that we need a good pool of script writers. In today's time 70-80% of films that are being made are simply utter rubbish. Films are made as project not as product. Script is the main heart of a film and only with growing good numbers of script writers will ensure that. Sad part is that there is no dearth of good script writers as one will found 100 outside every studio in Mumbai. But film fraternity has again to look beyond the comfort zone of those selected few established script writers. Time has come to search new Salim-Zaved!

4. Ticket Pricing - Stage is set for different bandwidth of ticket pricing should be done by the exhibitors. Yes, maintenance cost is high nowadays and hence, exhibitors can have separate bandwidth for ticket price. Say, big stars film price will be in high bandwidth, But for smaller films they have to definitely reduce the ticket price. How a film with smaller face value or no face value can expect a ticket price of above 200 bucks per ticket. This will only promote piracy today as there are so many alternate options. They have to made the point clear to makers and distributors. Plus, audiences should be known well in advance that tickets for that particular film is reduced.

5. Entertainment, Entertainment and Entertainment - Simply critical acclaim will not attract audiences to theater. Honestly will say that critical acclaim is just a zero as far as bring audiences to the theater. The majority of the audiences who throng to theater want entertainment for 2-3 hours so that can get refreshed after a long day of work. Bollywood are you listening? How many times it will be said. Look at the history of Bollywood or for that matter Hollywood. All big films are definitely high on Entertainment quotient. Period!

6. Wake Up from Self Ego - When a film has potential to collect 40 crore+ in a single day. How can you just expect film with lifetime business of less than 40 crore. Yes, few smaller films can rejoice with a business of even 20-30 crore. But would not they dream high with so much potential on cards. For that film fraternity has to wake up from the self ego. They have to look for talent outside their comfort zones. Frankly there is no shortage of Directors, Actors, Script Writers, Music Composers. Problem is film fraternity is more or less has become family business for few and they are just happy in their own comfort zone of people and hardly look outside. Wake up before its too late and or get set ready for booming of Hollywood industry in India in coming days.

So, wake up Bollywood and do some introspection before it is too late and damage is already done!

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  1. I think main reasons are lack of films with strong content, lack of films that have mass appeal (even in hollywood the biggest hits are mainly those that have big commercial appeal) and that bollywood is star driven so only films with big superstars that take a big opening can be big grosser.

    Piracy is also a problem, if people can watch a film online then it hurts footfalls a lot, especially for smaller films.

  2. It it true,Please wake up immediately, Othervise , Future is dark like Gujarati Film Industries.

  3. Gurpreet Kaur Chadha
    @RNANKITMEHTA @WhoSunilGrover @akshaykumar #Gabbar is a movie with a great social message so I will give it 4.5 stars. Baby was equally Gud

  4. Nepotism is killing Bollywood

    i am afraid we will never see the next Dilip Kumar,Amitabh Bachchan,Shahrukh Khan
    ever again.

    filmy families are promoting their kids to launch,and people are tired to spend money on talent-less star kids.

  5. Completely agreed...bollywood is on all time low simply becoz of lack of content....they Jstttttt don't knw Wat to make nowadays either they r making crops or South or Hollywood remakes....wake up bollywood