April 19, 2015

Mr. X 2nd Day (Saturday) Collection Report.

Mr. X has registered drop in collection on Saturday (2nd day) at box office. Generally film which opens poor shows jump on Saturday or worst case hold well, but in case of Mr. X its opposite. Film has reported minuscule to significant drop across all parts of India. Film failed to open well on Friday and story is same for Saturday also. Mr. X has collected an estimated 4 crore nett on Saturday (2nd day) at box office. Film thus collected 8.5 crore nett in two days. Film first weekend collection is now heading for 13+ crore nett or little more than that.
Business of Mr. X is shocking till now. Film is also carrying mixed reports. Hence, word of mouth is not that strong. Film is made on significant budget and looks like will be another dud at box office now.

Films are biting dust left and right and Mr. X is soon going to join that list. It is definitely not good days of Bollywood and makers need to do some introspection right now. If such slump continues we might see some big corporate shut down as no business can afford loses. Hope situation recovers sooner than ever now.

Collection Breakup -

Friday - 4.5 crore nett.
Saturday - 4 crore nett (est).

Total - 8.5 crore nett (approx).

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  1. it should be DUD not DUDE, also every film cannot collect 150-200 crores, only festival releases do that, also great films do falter such as UGLY, the only culprit is STAR worship and mania in India, only handful of actors who have tremendous fan following and mass appeal guarantee initial at the box office, this is not the case with hollywood where if the content is good the film is blockbuster even without established stars. This trend is very serious and will have bad effect on bollywood as only 3-4 films and that too festive release emerge as money spinners and the rest bite the dust

  2. @ puneet I think it is due to the typical cultural setup of the sub-continent....In our part of the world, we run after personalities and not after ideas.....There is some sort of personality cult which is very much there and it reflects the type of temperament we people have in the sub-continent....A movie well made should be appreciated and the masses need to pay something back to the movie makers by contributing to its success....But people don't bother about the content; rather they go for the main hero no matter what sort of movie that is....And I think it is not something good for Bollywood because if this trend continues then there will be a paucity of investors as nobody goes on the losing side of a business venture, as pointed out by Ankur Barauh....

  3. The promos of this film were uninteresting and the film has got a mixed to negative response so how can you expect it to be a hit? Films that do big business are those that have big stars but there's been a number of small films in recent years with no big stars (like aashiqui 2, raanjhanaa, kai po che, queen, mardaani, dum laga ke haisha and NH10) that took low openings but went on to be hits since they had good content.

    Mr X failed to show any growth over the weekend and actually dropped on the 2nd day which indicates bad WOM.

  4. @ riz, i agree that some of the films which you mentioned had good content and were hits, however, those were hits as the cost of production was low, what i am talking about is star worship and madness, let us consider a case in which a mindless masala film of salman, SRK or hritik is released alongside a movie with great content having not so established star, i bet that film will stand no chance at box office. This does not happen in hollywood and that is the reason it is far more advanced and producers and directors back good story and idea as they know it will work as the audience is matured



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