March 27, 2015

6 Reasons To Watch Bombay Velvet. Guest Post.

Why Watch Bombay Velvet: Are you not impressed with the Bombay Velvet trailer? Have you decided not to watch this thriller venture? But being a Ranbir Kapoor fan, you are desperate and cannot resist watching it? If you answered yes, then you are about to discover a few deeds or nuggets, that, after reading you will be slapping yourself! Huh, really? Read below!

Everybody is curious about the upcoming drama-thriller movie Bombay Velvet which features Ranbir Kapoor & Anushka Sharma in the lead roles. People are not satisfied with the clips shown in the first trailer, released on 20th March 2015. This took me to write, why this is the best film you are going to watch ever by now. The facts I am going to share will punch very hard on your face, and you will regret you decision to neglect Bombay Velvet.

But before proceeding with anything, I would like to tell you few key points about the movie, so you would have a better view about the flick.

It's directed by Anurag Kashyap, and also Karan Johar to some extent.
This movie features Anushka, Ranbir and Karan in lead roles.
K. Jo. is playing a negative role for the first time. He has not appeared on any screen before.
There are total 7 kiss scenes. :D

Whoa! It's going to be an amazing journey with them. Hope you are heated up, and now I present you the WHY YOU SHOULD GO FOR THIS FLICK?

Anushka-Ranbir Pairing

First and foremost, you should ask yourself, Have I seen Anushka-Rabir together before on the screen? How well their chemistry would work out on big screen? These 2 questions are enough to make you scratch your head. On one side, we have the actress worked in the highest grossing movie ever (her performance was appreciated by critics), and other side the funny, loving and Barfi actor awarded with Best Actor award several times.

7 kisses, are you kidding me? There is a hell lot of romance happening in the movie, do you really want to miss something which you could watch the whole day? No way, anyway! Story does not matter, screenplay does not matter even nothing matters except the Star Cast and these juicy kisses.

Ranbir Kapoor
We will see him on screen after a long time, he did a movie 1 year back except Roy, which was not his movie, he had given an extended cameo role and promoted everywhere like it's RK's flick. Anyways, Ranbir is here again and this is will be the most anticipated treat for his fans. He plays a street-fighter role of Johnny Balraj who wanna be a Big Shot of his time. It is summarized on how be become one Big Shot?

Karan Johar For The First Ever Time In A Negative Role
Karan is what looks like playing a baddie in the movie. To be more precise, he is playing somewhat a villain role, who deals with others only for his benefit. (As per the trailer). Let's see how the ace director turns up an actor.

It's 60's Baby!
The throwback look at the 60's time can be interesting to watch. In Bollywood, a handful of movies release featuring the era.  Creating entire sets for Bombay Velvet in 60's shade along with the likes of actor/actresses, streets and individuals. It is not as important, but actually deserves a watch for the imaginations of the whole crew.

Anurag Kashyap
This ace director has had many ups and downs in his film career. Some of his movies got success and some failed eventually. It would be worth a visit watching what the director come up with this time. Expectations are high, but cannot guarantee anything. And guys, Anuag is making his first biggest budget movie first time.

I am pretty sure that these facts have made you doubt, why did I think not watching Bombay Velvet? You have a clear notion about it now, the movie is rolling out on May 15, 2015. So do make sure to book advance tickets and enjoy it alone, no don't get there with family or anyone you respect. It would be better to enjoy the history of India alone.

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  1. Bakwas not interested to watch this crap movie

  2. Anurag Kashyap would abuse & blame audience after BOMBAY VELVET will bomb at box office!

    Dear Ranbir, as an admirer of ur cinematic ingenuity, I urge u to keep a distance from KASHYAP brothers... Personally & professionally!

  3. If the trailer isnt interesting, then how are people expected to be very excited for the film? It may turn out to be a good film, despite the trailer suggesting otherwise, but it's ridiculous to call it 'the best film you will ever watch', especially before it's even released.

    Ranbir is a good reason to watch the film, especially for Ranbir fans, but reasons like the Ranbir-Anushka pairing, kisses, it being set in the 60s, and KJo playing a villain for the 1st time etc mean very little.

  4. floppp beshram...............floppp roy....................biggest megastar ranbir sir.................................................

  5. Don't like that post a single can a moviegoer watch a movie only on d basis of kisses n 60's feel....BeST movie you will se...u mstt b kidding....May b it turns out to b good movie but above these reasons to watch a flick r can a guy like karan johar luk gud in a villain role who has never done a proper role in movies...dislikes