February 1, 2015

Flop Galore, Bollywood Going Through Lowest Phase.

Bollywood is going through low phase currently specially in last 3-4 months which should have been more than fruitful in many ways. There have been biggies galore but only few emerging as success at box office. Yes, there are biggies in between which are breaking records but overall picture is doom. PK somehow stabilise the market in last month of 2014, but again 2015 started with low and it continues. First Tevar was a big disappointment. After that Baby and Dolly Ki Doli struggling to recover their investment. This week films like Khamoshiyan and Hawaizaada are rejected. Yes, Khamoshiyan may emerge as safe bet because of low budget, but still collections are big disappointment.

There are many factors for such low phase of Bollywood. First is definitely low supply of quality product. This is harsh truth that films might be liked by the people within the industry, for their own personal benefit and to be in good books. But truth is audiences are totally rejecting the product. With Hollywood setting benchmark every month with good quality movies, it is getting tougher for Bollywood to deliver quality films. Even regional films specially Telugu and Tamil are setting high standards in quality of film making. It is high time leading stars, producers search for good script, content rather than wasting time in unnecessary over promotions. 

Many will ask then why a film like Baby which got critically acclaim is struggling hard at box office. There is no specific answer to that. But a good section of audiences are giving a second thought to watch it and their main reason is recent average films done by Akshay Kumar. Same goes for film like Haider which could have done much better business had Shahid Kapoor recent films have done well. His poor choice of movies in last few years have definitely made a dent in the following of his theater going audiences. 

Then comes question why average films from superstars Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan are doing great business at box office. Reason, their product might be average, but film is full on Entertainment and thus, audience prefer those films for having a good 2-3 hours time in theaters. Audience wait for their films as they know it can be watched with whole family. Amitabh Bachchan use to do the same with such masala films in 70s and 80s and had a monumental following then.

Another important aspect that movie goers are becoming selective nowadays and that has to a lot with ticket prices. A movie goer will spent 400-500 bucks for a film like PK, but will not same for a 'Hawaizaada.' If suppose average ticket prices for smaller films are reduced by half, and it is made known in public, then there is a good chance of big increase in foothold.

Not only ticket price, but film budget should be controlled well. 'Khamoshiyan' a Bhatt film is just made on low budget of 10-11 crore. This is despite that film is shot in South Africa. Bhatt is well known for making films in pretty controlled budget. Hence, even if their films fails at box office, they always recover their investment and more than usual make decent profits. Khamoshiyan needs only 5-6 crore worldwide distributor share to be in safe zone and that will be achieved in first week itself. How can a film like 'Hawaizaada' have a budget of 25+ crore. That means maker are expecting 'Hawaizaada' is going to collect more than 20 crore theatrical distributor share from Worldwide.

There are many other reasons as well. But overall quality of film making is need to be raise in Bollywood. Then only we might see a raise in Hit ratio in coming days. Otherwise doom day will continue with few Hits in between.

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  1. Agreed completely...makers r only running behind collections nt the product....movies like baby, queen, Mary Kom r worth watching....Nt one's like hny or kick...

  2. Flop actor ko kaun dhekne jaayega theater mein. Like akashay Kumar,tushar kapoor,chanki panday abishek b



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