February 8, 2015

Baby 3rd Saturday (16th Day) Collection, Gives Outside Shot at 100.

Baby is doing pretty well in 3rd week and thus film has ensured at least Semi Hit tag at box office. With film doing well in 3rd weekend, there is still an outside possibility of film touching 100 crore nett in its lifetime and thus even achieving Clean Hit status. Baby has shown good jump on 3rd Saturday (16th day) in the region of 25%. Thus, film has collected around 1.6 crore nett for the day. Baby total collection now stands at approx 87 crore nett. 
Film will close in on 90 crore nett by end of 3rd weekend itself, with possibility of touching or crossing it by 3rd Monday. Film is trending well now and that means it may collect significant even after end of week 3. Looking at early trends film 3rd weekend now is heading for 5.5 crore nett, with final number may come little higher also.

Collection Breakup - 

1st Week - 63.57 crore nett.
2nd Week - 20.42 crore nett.
3rd Friday - 1.3 crore nett (est).
3rd Saturday - 1.6 crore nett (est).

Total - 86.89 crore nett (approx).

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  1. very good news. where are all the haters now. as i said before more than 10 times that baby is the finest movie of Indian cinema. well done baby team and best of luck

    1. Agreed @Gul Pari

      Finest movie of 2015, Akki Sir rocks

  2. well done. finest movie of all time. these days any crape with a few item songs and fake double body action can cross 200cr, but delivering movie like baby is not possible.

  3. Grand Masti 1600 screens - 104 cr -- Non holiday
    Baby 2800 screens 71* cr -- Basant Panchmi & Republic Day
    Who is winner?
    Self-proclaimed Joker akshay or Vivek, Rithesh & Aftab.
    Decide himself.

    1. Shirish bhai aap sach keh rahe hai agar joker bhi 3000 screen, itne high ticket rate aur holiday seasons pe release hoti to joker bhi 200 cr se jyada collection deti. Problem Baby me nahi hai. Ye akshay hi gaya gujra hai Jisne aapko bhi ek Historical Disaster de dali.

    2. sabse bada joker to tu he india main

  4. first thanks addatoday but film baby now is first film 2015 hit i am a khiladi kumar fan really i am very happy good work akshay saab

  5. Akshay Kumar last 3 movies

    entertainment 65 cr
    shaukeens 27 cr
    baby 77 cr (approx.)

    average/movie – 56.3 cr

    Ajay Devgn last 3 movies

    Himmatwala 49 cr
    Singham Returns 140 cr
    action jacson 58 cr

    average/movie – 82.3

    In my opinion akshay and ajay are C Grade Star

    1. you look Z grade from your stupid name.

    2. @Sameer listen u stupid person ever, firstly that Himmatwala is not included in Ajay's last three movies, its Satyagarha which become an average movie not disaster like himmatwala.

      And secondly see the figures.

      1- Action Action (55 crore)
      2- Singham Returns (135 crore)
      3- Satyagarha (60 crore)

      Total 250 crores of Ajay's last 3 movies.

      1- Baby 97 crore
      2- Entertainment 75 crore
      3- Holiday A Soldier Never Off His Duty 115 crore

      Total 287 crore of Akshay Kumar's last 3 movies.

      Now keep that in your mind that according to last three movies of both the actors after Ajay's Superhit Singham Returns, Akshay sir still leading Ajay with 37 crore higher.

      Do not compare Ajay with Akshay sir, Akshay sir always remain better than Ajay.

  6. 69.8 cr total

    stop giving fake reports.... Baby is a flop ! deal with it

    1. sure shot hit hai boss. don't bark here

  7. Waiting for the century.
    Congo akki. Bt don't know why some people are jealous of him.
    Values and moral s are those we use to guide our interaction s with others. In our business as well as professional behaviour.

  8. With 2 open weeks n 1 half open week its struggling 2 get hit status even with so muvh hype n rave reviews.. if it was not 4 akki n the directorz reputation n the cash on sentiments theme dis movie is jus average.. disappointing 2 say the least coz was expected 2 b as gud as wednesday or sp26 if not better n shd hav collected 120+ crores atleast wid so much room! Come roy n movie is gonna almost end its run! 100 cr not possible!

  9. Baby is semihit..... congrats akki....

  10. king kumar rocks. the finest movie of all time

  11. Hello ankur...I would request if you can give little detail about "dangal" movie...as there are enough rumors about it

  12. We should appreciate good cinema....Baby comes under that category..however people who say that khan are just id, diwali or christmas star....they have earned that place. For those holidays...it is very hard for takers to distribute other star movies unless some one has done enough to win the trust...akshay had his best times...he got diwali with action replay and failed miserably and he got chirstmas and tees maar khan bombed.....so in today scenario it is very difficult for him to get that slot...also some people question the tickets pricing of khan movies...that is purely decided by the market and degree of fan following...akshay movies cant afford higher values for tickets...as his market value is not as high as khans...your choice of films make your market...ranbir kapoor is the fine example of it who has made fans with presence of khans....may be more like baby things may earn him his place back..

    1. then why are you expecting 150 crores for akshay kumar films if his films do not release on diwali, eid or christmas festive period and less number of screens and also ticket price is avearge, if baby does 90 crores then it will be avearge, why average and why not a hit, aamir khan, srk does 2 films in 3 years and his films are backed by established production house, great diretors and also record number of screens are available, it is but obvious that it will collect more than 200 crores everytime

  13. @ sameer yes you are correct ajay and akshay are c grade stars, you mean to say class grade stars, i also have same view



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