January 20, 2015

Will Baby movie get affected by Dolly ki Doli Same Day Release.

Will Baby movie starring Akshay Kumar get affected by simultaneous release of Dolly ki Doli starring Sonam Kapoor? Many readers are asking this question to us via mail or social media site. Those who don't know, like to clarify that Baby and Dolly ki Doli both film are releasing on 23rd January, 2015 on same day. So, here is our take on the query.

Baby and Dolly ki Doli are both different genre films. Both market are much different. Both are releasing on Holiday period. Whereas Baby is a big budget film, DKD is made on small and control budget.

Although release screen are not locked either for Baby or DKD, as per our calculation Baby should get around 2800-3200 screens and DKD should get 1200-1500 screens. That means neither film is getting significantly lesser screens than the expected level. Even if Baby comes solo then also it will get at most 3500 screens looking at the face value, genre and requirement. Whereas DKD might get around 1700-1800 screens at most. Above numbers are feedback of selected exhibitors which we are talking right now. That means as far as screening is concerned both films are getting what is nearly desired.
Now coming to audiences preference. Both film are of different niche and audiences. Whereas Baby is big budget high octane thriller, DKD is fun filled small budget film. There will be audiences for each films. No doubt both film performance will be dependent mainly on word of mouth. If content is liked by audiences, the film will grow through the big extended weekend. Yes, there will be few minuscule percentage of audience on Sunday and Monday (Republic Day) who will like to watch one of those films and by then actual word of mouth will be out.

So, finally we like to state that Baby box office performance will not be affected much by DKD or vice versa as both films are getting required screens. Only concern is the content of the film. If word of mouth is in positive then either or them or both will enjoy a great Holiday weekend for sure.

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  1. Akshay Kumar has a huge fan base. I don't think so that there will be any decrease of income of this film with the release of any other movie along with it. He is one of the top actors of Bollywood.

  2. Not interested in Akshay Kumar's Movies. Har Mahine Aa Jati Hai.

  3. Being a Akshay SIR fan I'm extremely disappointed.

    I also said before release, Producer/director of Baby have to blame themselves for choosing worst release date of 2015. They have killed film themselves.