January 2, 2015

PK enters 3rd Week - Breaking Records, Exhibitors Delight, Unnecessary Criticism!

PK has entered third week today at box office and film is running to its full potential. Film has collected huge numbers in second week and drop from week 1 is less than 50%. This is unbelievable considering first week business is huge and historic. PK is not just trending superbly at box office, but also reminding us of old days when film runs for days and weeks. In today's time it is rarity because of amount of screen film gets, plus there is also online piracy which eat into the business. But there seems no stopping for PK even after 14 days are passed.
PK has retained huge amount of screens again for 3rd week and estimated screen count is around 3000 screens. This is big number for a film into the 3rd week, but PK is enjoying all the success. PK has become exhibitors delight for some time now as huge occupancy is reported almost in all cinemas. Few weeks ago exhibitors are bleeding badly because of all films falling flat, but PK has brought back the smiles. Also, there is an unnecessary criticism film is facing from few religion wings. Either they have not watched the film in total or inside their lies some motives. 

PK has collected around 277-278 crore nett in 14 days. Film is soon set to touch and cross magical 300 crore nett in coming days. Chances are that film may go even to 325 crore nett mark or even more than that by the time it ends running in theater. This is just unbelievable and PK is easily the film of 2014 by miles.

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