January 23, 2015

Baby Friday (1st Day) Collection Early Trends, Picking up Everywhere.

Baby started slowly on Friday (1st day) Morning shows across India. Film open to occupancy in the region of 25% in Morning shows in multiplexes. Single screen which is little bit stronghold of Akshay Kumar also started on lower occupancy. Film picked up little in Noon shows with on average occupancy reported around 30%. This is bit shocking considering film is released in 2800 screens and still occupancy is in lower side.

However good news is that Baby is registering good jump everywhere as per latest reports. As per latest film is recording good occupancy of around 55% from the samples considered. That means film has picked up well after a slow start. Ground report of movie is also good as word of mouth is mostly positive. That means film should pick up well through the whole Holiday weekend.

Occupancy Report of Baby for Friday Evening shows (7 pm report) -

Delhi - 55%
Gurgaon - 65-70%
Mumbai - 50%
Pune - 55%
Hyderabad - 80-85%
Kanpur - 30%
Lucknow - 45% 
Coming to opening of Baby, honestly trade has expected a better opening then what it is reporting. This means now film need big push in Evening and Night time to put up decent first day collection.

As far as initial word of mouth is concerned it is more or less good and that is a very good factor as Holiday weekend starts from Saturday (2nd day) till Monday (4th day). Definitely Saturday box office collection should be higher than today considering the word of mouth factor. Stay tuned for more updates on Baby.

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  1. For Baby 90-95 + CR Life Time

    For DKD 25-30 + CR Life Time

  2. I have watched the film and must say awesome movie. I appeal to all Indian whether Hindu or Muslim must see the film.GREAT.............................

  3. It's awesome movie. Watch it. Urself and witness the finest movie of last10 years

  4. Baby- यह फिल्म देश के जाबाजो की कहानी है.इसमे सीक्रेट मिशन है,एक्शन है,आतंकियो का जुनुन है,नफरत और नापाक साजिश है.भारी भरकम डायलाँग है तो बीच-बीच मे हंसी के फुहारे भी है. फिल्म मे अक्षय एटीएस(एंटी टेररिस्ट स्क्वायड) के एक जाबाज सिपाही बने है. घर मे बीवी और बच्चो के होने के बावजुद किसी भी मिशन के लिए तैयार रहते है. इस फिल्म ने दर्शको को कुर्सी से बांधने का कोई मौका नही छोङा है. 2015 की सबसे पहली हिट और भारी फिल्म है. बेबी फिल्म मे अक्षय सर् ने अपने केरियर का सबसे शानदार अभिनय किया है.

  5. Best movie of all time
    Teach us that terrorism and terrorist have no religious plz see and learn something

  6. paisa kamana hee sab kuch nahi hota..Akshay is great actor...not any khans can dare to do such movies that akshay did and doing still...salo ki fatai hai ,,,kahi pakistan k fans naraj na ho jaye..akshay is best.

  7. record jaye bhand me....aise v who cares abt records nd awards..award to HNY ko v mil jati hai..respect earn karna badi baat hai...

  8. yaar comment publish to kar diya karo



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