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January 24, 2015

Baby (2015) Movie Review

Baby is the first major release of 2015. Baby stars Akshay Kumar, Danny Denzongpa, Anupam Kher, Rana Daggubati, Taapsee Pannu, Sushant Singh, Kay Kay Menon, Madhurima Tuli in pivotal roles. Film is directed by Neeraj Pandey of 'A Wednesday' and 'Special 26' and hence, expectation are higher from his latest offering. So, will Baby fulfills all the potential and expectation, let's do the movie review.

Baby story goes like this. Feroz Khan (Danny) heads a special commando wing named 'Baby.' He selects few special commandos from various defense department of country to put up a special undercover unit to combat terrorism in India. Bilal Khan (Kay Kay Menon) and Mohammad Rehman plans multiple bomb blast in big cities of India. However Bilal gets arrested and sent to jail. Because of that their horrific terror strike get stopped. Mohammad Rehman plans Bilal escapade from jail so that they can re-work their deadly plan again. As planned Bilal escapes from jail and flees to Al-dera (Saudi Arab). Feroz the head of Baby selects a team comprising of Ajay (Akshay Kumar), Jai (Rana Daggubati) and Shukla (Anupam Kher) and send them as undercover agent to Al-dera to kill Bilal to halt their plan. However when Ajay and his team reaches Al-dera there is a big twist in the film, which we don't want to reveal right now. So, will Team Baby able to kill Bilal. What about Mohammed Rehman. How will Ajay and his team return safely back to India. For this one has to go to theater to watch the film.

Baby first half is strictly ok. In first half, at places film is just average. But there are many exciting scenes and chase sequences which keeps us engrossed. However good part is film picks up very well after the interval and just races to finale. Last 30-40 minutes are just edge on seat thriller. Climax is the high point of the film.

Film has few creative liberty moments. Like, in Turkey it is unclear whether Akshay Kumar is with the local cops or against. If cops are with him, then why is the need to escape from them by giving an excuse of going to bathroom. There are scenes where Feroz (Danny) explains to his reporting Minister about the growing terrorism inside India and minister looks little shocked hearing that. He should have already known about this serious issue. Just before interval there is a scene where a terrorist after getting caught, plans a suicide bombing and cops just wait and watch him. He should have been handcuffed in no time, as he is a dreaded terrorist and cops should have known this.

Despite few flaws in screenplay, Baby works for the sheer intent. Baby is good at heart and gives strong message how anti social terrorist group are brain washing people in name of religion. There is a saying by Akshay Kumar in the film that his religion is 'Indian'. That is definitely thought provoking.

Coming to performances. Akshay Kumar delivers one of his finest performance till date. He is absolutely true to the character of Ajay. 'Baby' will definitely be a landmark film in his long filmography. Definitely another gem from him after Oh My God and Special 26. We hope in future he selects further such kind of role to showcase his true potential rather than average nonsensical films.

Surprisingly performance of Danny is just outstanding. Although he is in Bollywood for decade, still 'Baby' brings something refreshing about him again. He is legend in his own way. No doubt Danny is one of the pillars of Baby. He is restrained at places, whereas in command when scene requires. Anupam Kher, Sushant Singh and Taapsee Pannu has extended cameo in the film. All three are great in their own way and also funny in few scenes. Baby is just incomplete without them. They ensures the fact again that 'Quality of Role is more important than Screen Time.' Rana Daggubati gives a first rated performance. Hopefully he will do more films in Bollywood now. Rasheed Naaz as Mohammad Rehman and Kay Kay Menon as Bilal Khan are outstanding in their short cameo. Madhurima Tuli as Akshay's wife has small and sweet role and she does full justice to it.

However the main thread that binds Baby well is the direction of Neeraj Pandey. He is one of those rare gems of Bollywood. We need more directors like him. God give him more power to make such beautiful film like Baby,

Baby despite having few flaws in screenplay is good at heart. Film works on good story, superb direction and splendid performances by each and every character. No doubt film is a good addition to list of other Neeraj Pandey fab work like 'A Wednesday' and 'Special 26.' Overall Baby is a must watch for all Bollywood lovers

Baby will start slow at box office as such genre takes time to grow among audiences. There is no song, romance and typical masalas that helps in strong opening. But there is no doubt that Baby will grow with word of mouth and will enjoy a great Holiday weekend from Saturday till Monday. Also, film has merit which should help it to sustain in long run at box office. Baby is a sure shot BIG HIT in coming days.

Ratings - 4/5.


  1. E Gola par.... PK CK sab Fail hoyigwa..

    E nahi dekha to kuch na dekha be.. !!!

  2. Baby- यह फिल्म देश के जाबाजो की कहानी है.इसमे सीक्रेट मिशन है,एक्शन है,आतंकियो का जुनुन है,नफरत और नापाक साजिश है.भारी भरकम डायलाँग है तो बीच-बीच मे हंसी के फुहारे भी है. फिल्म मे अक्षय एटीएस(एंटी टेररिस्ट स्क्वायड) के एक जाबाज सिपाही बने है. घर मे बीवी और बच्चो के होने के बावजुद किसी भी मिशन के लिए तैयार रहते है. इस फिल्म ने दर्शको को कुर्सी से बांधने का कोई मौका नही छोङा है. 2015 की सबसे पहली हिट और भारी फिल्म है. बेबी फिल्म मे अक्षय सर् ने अपने केरियर का सबसे शानदार अभिनय किया है.

  3. Best movie of all time
    Teach us that terrorism and terrorist have no religious plz see and learn something

  4. paisa kamana hee sab kuch nahi hota..Akshay is great actor...not any khans can dare to do such movies that akshay did and doing still...salo ki fatai hai ,,,kahi pakistan k fans naraj na ho jaye..akshay is best.

  5. record jaye bhand me....aise v who cares abt records nd awards..award to HNY ko v mil jati hai..respect earn karna badi baat hai...

  6. Baby is Bollywood's most grown-up action drama yet. Its scale is lavish, zipping between India, Nepal, Turkey and the Middle East, and its performances excellent. Akshay Kumar is terrific as Ajay whose core of steel you can almost feel. Akshay presents top-rung action - you practically hear opponents' bones breaking under his stabbing kicks. But you hear Ajay's mind ticking too as he foils plots, plans hustles and thinks of excuses before his wife Anjali (Madhurima Tuli). Akshay is at his best, deadly serious in combat, wryly engaging with straight-faced humour, pleasantly asking a suspect, "Kharonch kyun aayegi...?" before interrogation.