December 2, 2014

As Waiting for Baby Trailer Goes Viral, How is the Buzz & What will be Box Office Impact.

'Waiting for Baby Trailer' is been trending for many days in social media specially Twitter. It is been a record of sort as can't remember when last time such trending took for a film which trailer is yet to be released. Trend got more storm when film first look in 'Baby Sizzle' released which was a runaway Hit in internet. No doubt film is one of the biggies of next year. So, we have received lots of question on Baby like 'how is the buzz', 'what will be box office collection', etc etc. Moreover many are asking whether there will be any positive impact of 'Waiting for Baby Trailer' trend on film final outcome.

To set record straight no one can judge audience report just on social media trending. In recent past many trends gone viral, but film become dude at box office. But in case of Baby it is not that as film has honestly generated good buzz in net world and it has reason. First, film promo that is released named 'Baby Sizzle' is an immediate impact on viewers as it was slick. It makes you asking for more. Second Baby director Neeraj Pandey has given good films in 'A Wednesday' and 'Special 26' in recent past. Third, of course there is Akshay Kumar and his fans are eagerly waiting for a film which becomes a huge success at box office.

Coming to box office collection of Baby, film might not take biggest ever opening of Akshay Kumar as it is not purely out and out masala film. But film has many merits and should take word of mouth opening. If film content is good then it has got everything to be next 150 crore film in coming days.

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  1. Akshay Fans Itne Din Se Baby Trailer Ka Wait Kr Rahe Hain Agar Kharab trailer Aaya To Akki Ke Daant Tod Denge Sab Milke :P

  2. Waiting for Baby for a long time and Akshay fans believe that Trailer gonna rock and create history of youtube views

  3. Akshay Kumar Films Choose Karne Me Galti Karta Hai, Otherwise He is Better than SRK. Personal Thinking.

  4. Akshay kumar alqays better than salman qki salman bhi south ki remake krta h aur akshay bhi magar akshay ki south remake salamn ki south remake ten times better hoti is fact

  5. Akki is ten times better than slmn.mano ya na mano.acting ke naam par kora ghada h slmn.akshay kuchh acting kar leta h