November 5, 2014

Happy New Year 2nd Tuesday (12th Day) Collection, Good Jump.

Happy New Year has registered a good jump of around 40% on 2nd Tuesday from 2nd Monday. Film got benefitted from holiday and that's why jump recorded. Film has collected a respectable 4 crore nett on 2nd Tuesday which is very good. Thus, film has collected approx 29 crore nett in 5 days of second week. Film should add another 5 crore nett approx in rest of 2 days to collect around 34 crore nett in 2nd week.

HNY total collection after 12 days is approx 186+ crore nett. Film is heading for 190-191+ crore nett by the end of week 2. There is a significant release in 'The Shaukeens' on Friday which will definitely hamper the progress of HNY from 3rd week. Still film has realistic chance of collecting another 8-9 crore nett from week 3 to touch or cross magical 200 crore nett in its lifetime. Film is 2nd biggest grosser of 2014.
Collection Breakup - 

1st Week - 157 crore nett.
2nd Friday - 5.25 crore nett.
2nd Saturday - 7.5 crore nett.
2nd Sunday - 9.6 crore nett.
2nd Monday - 2.8 crore nett.
2nd Tuesday - 4 crore nett (est).

Total - 186.15 crore nett (approx after 11 days).

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  1. Why there is so much gap in collection between boxoffice india and addatoday. There is something fishy on producers numbers as it is always expected from SRK movies. With over the top promotion and lavish foreign tour to promote movies, it should be considered flop if it does not collect atleast 200 crores. While Kick with little promotion and less know star cast except salman has pulled more that profit. Salman is number 1, no one can touch his stardoms.

    1. Sullu has 63% flop movies in his C-graph ...and 30% copy .. 0 awards ...0 acting skill .. ask him to movi like swadesh, chekde--- ...then I will agree his stardoms

    2. Your verdict = 0%
      Mass Opinion = 100%

      Does your opinion really matter ??

    3. JAi-hoo Nipen ...Mass Opinion = turned 100 cr loss to eros

    4. Mass option == public choice award == Salu is big Zero ...he mainly survive because of coping very good mass ..moves from South

      He is Copy Veer ....Jai hoooo..

    5. Nipen Does your opinion really matter ?? ...
      who are u ? what are u ? ... nothing

      Kuthe ki thar math bonko ..

    6. u idiot wen de do overseas promotions de gt paid too.. srk earnd over 150 crores 4m d tour itself even aftr payin hny cast, singers, honey singh deir money.. so movi recovrd it's cost 4m d promotions itself..

    7. Then stop being a judge...first come to that calibre...look up to the dictionary if you dont understand meaning of the english word ..calibre.

    8. Let SRK be a stage actor then....if his stage shows earn him more than the

    9. Are you a major stake holder in Eros ? Why are you getting so upset if they lost 100 crores ? Every business carries a risk to reward i have explain that logic too you as well??

  2. dear ankur according to boi hny collects 3 cr on monday and you shows lower than boi when always producer figure is higher than trade

  3. Madhav subedi jee jai ho ko bhool gaye kya jisne erose jaisi distributing company ko barbad kar diya.100 cr ka nett loss hua tha erose ko.

    1. To add to the woes of SRK starrer HNY:

      Kick was released Pre Eid whereas HNY was released on biggest Bollywood holiday and still Kick leads all the way.

      HNY had 3 week free run compared to 2 week free run for Kick..and still Kick leads all the way.

      HNY was fastest to enter to 100 crore club and still Kick leads all the way.

      HNY had the biggest first day collection ever and still Kick leads all the way.

      HNY had biggest TV promos with entire star cast on the dance show on telivision channel compared to none by Kick...and still Kick leads all the way.

      Give me a I need to say more ?

  4. no ajeem bro ab salman fans ko thodi yaad hoga
    ki jai ho abhi january jo dhoobi hai

    1. It would be wise to look at the future.....instead of the past.

      And why just look at just January 2014, lets look at the broader picture and take a look at the total earnings of the last 7 films of the following stars listed below:

      Salman Khan 1117 crores
      SRK - 742 crores
      Amir Khan - 789 Crores..

      On whom will a smart investor,....invest his money on?
      Any answers??

    2. lets take a look at worldwide collection of last 7 movies of 3 khan's
      salman khan-1560 cr
      shah rukh khan-1880
      amir khan-1480(will surely cross 1800 cr by this year)

    3. lets look at the broader picture Salu has 63% flop movies.
      Zero award.. copying South supper hit movies But unable to perform like south actors ...Ask him to act like his co-star "Prakash Raj"

    4. 60% of the collections coming from Bollywood and remaining 40% coming from about 50 countries. No wonder even the producers dont feel like putting the world wide numbers.

      Why are then records that are broken are only taken for Bollywood collections? Like that of first day collections and fastest to reach 100 crores....

      If 40% of HNY world-wide numbers come from 50 countries, then the average collections per country would be less than 4 crores. Seems like a joke....

      World-wide collections do not matter for producers, its Bollywood and only Bollywood collection that matters.

      Actors are not compensated for the ability to bring world wide collections....

      If the difference of last 7 movies collection between SRK and Salman is 320 crores, then per film it would be 320 divided by 7 = 45.70 crores per film AND if that is divided by 50 countries where it has been released then it comes to a meagre 91 lakhs per country.

      HENCE WORLD-WIDE collections are completely redundant. And add zero value to star power...

      Thanks for the meaningless effort to publish the world wide numbers.

    5. Which means the remaining 37% successful movies is 140% for SRK.
      If you dont understand that..please feel free to ask and type your response on toll free lol

  5. Salman flop only eid bachaye hue hai usko

    1. Yes very right.....

      Phanoos Banke Jiski Hifazat Hawa Kare
      Woh Shama Kya Bujhe Jise Roshan Khuda Kare.

    2. well said rahman..................

    3. It was Jaya Bachhan who WELL SAID : Calling it the most nonsensical film.

      Very unusual to have come from a mother of the actor of the film HNY.

    4. no one to save srk on any day

  6. nipen last 7 movies collection of khans are below
    1-Amir khan
    total-876cr not
    dabang 2-158cr
    jai ho-112cr
    total-1108cr not
    mnik-76cr lan)
    don2-116cr(all lan)
    total-961cr not
    u gives srk figure 219cr lower
    after rnbdj srk in his bad phase till jthj still collected 961cr

    1. Thanks for the figures...much appreciated.

  7. hny realesed 24oct and muheram starts from 26
    and movie have only one free open week 2nd week gone girl,supernani,roar realesed third week shaukeen realesed
    if muheram not starts then surely 10cr more collected by hny and u forgot nipen movie got worst review
    and pre eid only effect fri-sat just 2 days but muheram affect 10days

    1. What you say is actually peoducers and distributors concensus...they could have released it on Diwali day which would have given 20 crores opening. I am sure Muhharum days would have been taken into consideration too. So lets leave this to the professional decision makers. Also when one ralks about free means no big star release. Entertainment was Akshay Kunar release and Kick had 2 week free run.

  8. Hamecto bus itna pata h ki jai ho ke baad eros ne salman ki kisi bhi movie me hath daalne se mana kar rakha h.ue h lallu ka stardum.

    1. My friiend....the topic is who's more successful and whos more viable (Salman or SRK). You can keep a track of EROS's profitability and be a brand ambassador for them.

    2. then you should consider "flop salu khans"=50flop moves and award that he got ... at-least people choice ...

      and looks manly .. but he is women ..because all girls are running way ...

      "Survival of South copy Khan" award will be given to him soon

    3. Please explain in plain simple english. For now you get a bigger and a fatter 0 than you gave as a judge to Salman.

    4. I am not in the business of who's who in the filmdom. I give a neutral opinion. if you want to know my opinion then ....SRK is a better actor and Salman a more successful and more followed actor.

      The topic was all about collections...and again its Bollywood collections that plain and simple words (referenced as: seedhi baat) !!

      And yes please don't give jazz like.."I will accept his stardom" and "anyway my award for him"... blah blah.

      If you like to reply then please make sure you do that in proper understandable English which does not have your self made categories and propagated categories...which have no value to the readers except to laugh at it.

    5. Compare this for yourself...these statuses has been generated by, where you love to put comments. Maybe its time to eat back your words...baki sab bakwas hai..

      Nahi samaj mein aaya to pey search kar lena...


      Jai Ho = AVG
      Ready =BLOCKBUSTER
      Bodyguard = BLOCKBUSTER
      Dabaang 2 = BLOCKBUSTER


      Don 2 = HIT
      Ra. One = Abv Avg
      Jab Tak Hai Jaan = Super Hit
      Chennai Express = BLOCKBUSTER

      Data is from 2010 to till date.

  9. 2010 2011 2012 2014 Only salman khan on top movie grosser of the years

    Aur yeah trend 2017 tak rahega

  10. yay...holidays holidays..king is surviving on holidays only..hahaha....but really wish there are more 8-10 days it will cross bang bang for sure....till now BOI is 159 cr..

    1. Dear uncke....HNY could not better the collectiins of Kick....even with the best of opening day ever and fastest to reach the 100. Crore club. Any more holidays coming up ....yws and its PK ...Xmas release.

  11. Neeraj bhai 2010se pahle ki kpi movie yaad h apko salman ki?
    Koi award salaman ko mila aajtak uski acting skill ke liye.
    srk has 14 film fare award only

    1. Filmfare award is not an public voted award these awards are given by the critics and few peoples
      People award trend starts from 2010 and u can see who got the most of the awards its salman khan
      Aur rahi baat salman ki movies check this oout

    2. Sullu doesn't have acting capability He survived because of south copies .. he got may 2-3 awards 50 flop ... SRK is got award more or less equal Amith banchan and Dileep Kumar ..

      According to you all other awrds are fake .. what salu got was correct ..

      Salu crying for award and he angry in stage because Ajay was selected for Dil dechuke sanm ...
      anyway my awrd for him is "Survival south copy Khan" Jai hoo Veer ...

    3. What a question to ask AF...
      Mainey Pyar Kiya
      Hum Aap Key Hai Kaun
      Andaz Apna Apna

      Pahley Collections aata hai..phir awards...

      Are you a newbie to Bollywood ???

  12. hny screen got reduced by 1500 in second week .if it had got 4000 plus screens for 2 weeks like kick got. it would have easily crossed 220 crores in 2 weeks.anyway it will surely cross the worldwide collection of kick which stands at 377 crores.
    hny worldwide collection is 347 crores now. it just needs 16 crores nett in india and 3 million dollar more in overseas to cross it.hny 12 days worldwide collection is 13 million ans it would easily cross 16.5 million in its lifetime.

    1. Jab movie koi dekhega nahi toh reduce hi hoga naa

    2. Screen space is completely dependent on the percentage of occupancy. If the screen space got reduced then its because of public rejection or lesser know film stars movie releases that may have been giving HNY a tough fight. If latter is the case then its sad for SRK fans. In fact both points are sad for SRK die hard fans. A justification has to be practical and unbiased. NOT on IFs and BUTs.

  13. salman. shahrukh. and aamir. Tino khan. ka Bollywood pe. raj kar rahe he wo aaps me ek dusre ka record todte rehte tum kyu itnre pareshan ho salman. ne Khud hny ka promotion kiya tha bigboss me wo aapas me mil Jul kar rehte tum kyu pareshan hote ho unki filme 350 cr ka business karti he tume kya fayda Hota he wo Batao time aur paise barbad mat karo salman shahrukh aamir apni apni life me mast aur unko lekar kyu pareshan. hote ho so. jaoo

  14. Neeraj bhai mera aawal ye tha ki 2010 se pahle ki koi movie aalamn ki yaad h apko jo memorable h o ya jisne box office par kamai ki ho