October 28, 2014

Happy New Year Movie - Likes and Dislikes. A Guest Post

Here is my thought on the latest release Bollywood biggie Happy New Year movie starring Shah Rukh Khan, Abhishek Bachchan, Deepika Padukone, Sonu Sood, Boman Irani and directed by Farah Khan.


1. Visually stunning camera work.
2. Abhishek Bachchan - Surprised? Nandu Bhide Dimaag Mein Kide Now You Watch Me Speaking English. LOL. He makes you laugh everytime he's on screen. Look out for the scene when he tries to unlock a nut. That scene will make you laugh out loud.
3. Deepika Padukone
4. Music - Good, could have been better.
5. Few really hilarious scenes.
6. Climax.

1. Farah Khan's direction.
2. Zero chemistry between SRK and Deepika.
3. Average acting by SRK, Boman Irani, Sonu Sood and Vivaan Shah.
4. Plot - Mashup version of many Bollywood films. Film is so predictable that you can easily predict whats gonna happen in the next minute. SRK's old recycled cringe-worthy dialogues - "Badi Badi Fights Mein Aisi Choti Choti Maar Toh Lagti Rehti Hai", "Saat minute Hai Tumhare Paas", "Naam Toh Suna Hoga", "Picture Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Dost".
5. Cameos by Vishal Dadlani and Anurag Kashyap.
6. Editing - 3 hrs. Many scenes could have been chopped off.
7. Too much of 'abs' show. SRK and Sonu Sood kept flaunting their abs for 180 minutes.
8. Unnecessary Roof Top Fighting scene in Dubai.
9. Too much of brand promotion.
10. Fun on Saroj Khan and Narendra Modi.
11. and biggest question - What was Sajid Khan doing in the film?

Major instances where I felt that there's hardly any logic used (*Spoilers*):

1. There's a scene where SRK and Boman robs diamonds. Timer shows 2 mins left for locker door to close. But here Farah Khan preferred useless drama over logic and door locks after 5 mins instead of 2 mins. Even public who were watching (mostly SRK fans) got frustrated and started passing comments.
2. Most of the movie is shot in Dubai's 5 star Hotel Atlantis (Palm Islands). There are 1,539 rooms in that hotel but no CCTV cameras inside lifts and passages. You can drug anyone in lift and then take that person's body to the hotel room without anybody noticing it.
3. Vivaan Shah hacks DJ's music system, voting lines, security cameras, highly secured bank locker, laser beam and every possible electronic device present just by pressing ENTER on his 'Lenovo' laptop.

Final Word: Happy New Year is not as bad as SRK's previous films post 'My Name Is Khan'. Can be watched once if you're a fan of slap-stick comedies. Overall an amateurish average film.

Just Saying: Farah Khan and Sajid Khan are injurious to Bollywood.

Guest Post Written by - Tejan Shrivastava. A complete movie buff!
Contact him at his Twitter id - @BeingTeJan

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  1. saale isse achhi movie tere baap ne bhi nahi dekhi hogi sallu ke chamche

    1. itne bade essay ka ek line me jawab by atahar khan awesome man

  2. are bhai chicago ki road pr bhi toh cctv camera toh bhi aamir ka face nai dekha toh kya chicago police pagli thi... agar aise count karoge na toh bhai hum aur tum koi movie nai dekh payenge ok and abs wht a bullshit ghazini, dabbang ye kya hai showoff nai hai toh...kaha se aaye ho article likhna nai aata toh kyun tym waste krte ho.....

  3. Who cares about lack of logic or predictable storyline or recycled dialogues (which were tweaked to the situation and hence funny). You can find such 'flaws' in nearly every commercial film. Its a masala film that's suppose to just entertain which it did and it's far better than other masala films in recent times. I can also prepare a long list of unrealistic stuff and flaws in films like dhoom 3 n kick...

    And the guy who wrote it is a salman fan so he's obviously going to be biased against an srk film which is evident in his writing.

    1. Riz ..we wrote this article to get the Vertical spike in number of people liking this site .. but still the number of people liked this site not increasing (just 2 k)
      we don't have any credibility to write any article ..ha ha ha ..


  4. Movie beshak average ho joki farah Khan se Xpected tha but record tod kmai ki sirf Srk ki Star power ki wajah se..... Bhai Aajtk to tumne kisi movie mein itni Kmiyan ni nikali..... Dhoom3 aur kick ko leke Baitho to itni niklengi Kmiyan ki thak jaoge ginte2....dono movies mein ek bhi baar ni dikhaya chori krte hue... Itni choriyen kri kuch bhi ni dikhaya.... Sallu ko koi dekh ni paata cctv camera mein na Aamir ko dekh paata... Kya mjaak hai Admin... .mst b a hater of Srk... But who cares abt reviews... Movie is a blockbuster

    1. Akshat the movie was awesome , better than dhoom3 n kick per kya karoge kuchh logon ki adat hai bhonkenge so unhe bhonkne do

    2. Akshat the movie was awesome , better than dhoom3 n kick per kya karoge kuchh logon ki adat hai bhonkenge so unhe bhonkne do

  5. farah khan plz stop direction....

    its not urrr cup of tea

    you waste all talented actor in this movie......

  6. jab srk ki movie sab records tor diya tab tumlog logic search karte ho...........................aur jab srk logic wali film banata tha...aur sallu bina logic wali film tab tumlog boxoffice records search karte the........................shame on u @admin

    1. 1 week me hny kick se 10-12 cr pi6e rejayegi boss

  7. hny awesome movie...5/5 stars.............haters ki watt laga di hai..isliye tumlog negativity spred kar rahe ho...............................phir bhi srk sare records ki maa bahan ek kar diya h.................................

  8. Chuitiee 3idiot k lie nai bolte he jab itni badi university me aamir javed jafri k badle padtaa he wo logic he ? Chutie sab srk ki movie ko niche girate he

    1. Only during SRK movies saale amateur reviewers apni logic ke saath paida ho jate hain. I have been saying this over the years that 3 Idiots had a lots of flaws. Remember the vaccum cleaner se baby delivery fiasco by amateurs

  9. Bhai, Ankur maine aapse bola tha na aap SRK k maamle me thoda sa biased ho.
    Is baar collection k maamle me na sahi aap SPOILER ya LOGIC ki baat karne lage ho.
    Bhai HNY accha perform kar rahi h to bas taareef karo. Kyu logic ki baate karte ho yar?
    Mai bhi maanta hu ye SRK k level ki film nai h, lekin dekhne layak h.
    Aur logic to humaari bhartiye filmo ka aap jaante hi ho, ab mai kis kis film ka example du yaha.
    Kick ka ya Bang~Bang ka ya Singham ka ya Holiday ka ya is sadi ki mahantam filmo me se ek 3 idiots ka?

  10. Mr.addatoday sharm nahi aati apko hindi filmo me logic dhoondhte huye.agar logic dhoondhoge to koi bhi film dekhne layek nahi hogi.shame on u administrater of adda today

  11. forget about admin of this page................srkians enjoy the record breaking of success hny..............farah khan awesome.......movie bana ke haters ki watt laga.....complete entainer hny..............superb...haters go to hell............srkians enjoy......love u srk...love u farah..................

  12. bollywood me kisi actor ki film ki opening 45 cr nhi hota hai......aur abram ki debute film hny first day collection 45 cr.....stardom of abram is much greatter than haters..................superb.......................shame on u haters........................

  13. Shahrukh se jalte hain jo log wahi logic ka bahana kerte hain

  14. Hadd ho gai Yrrr isbaar to Admin bhi Srk haters ki boli bol ra hai... Jb Srk my name is khan jaisi gem bnata hai aur collection km reh jaati hai tb collection ko first criteria maante ho aur Sallu ki brbaad movies remakes kma ri hoti hain 150-150cr...tb logic ni aaya kisi movie ka aur ab Jb Srk ne do masala entertainers diye aur Sbki Faad di an logic dhund re ho... Pehle ce ne saare records tode ab hny todegi ab Admin ko bhi logic dikh ra hai.... Bhai dhoom 3 aur kick se ghatiya koi movie ni thi is saal aur Pichle saal AgR tum logic Lgaane dekho... Waise entertainment ke hisaab se theek thi one time watch thi.... Kamalesh bhai ne blkl theek kaha.... Waah Admin... Itna vishwas tha is site pe... Sb kehte the pehle ki Admin Srk hater hai pr mein ni maana... Aaj ho gaya Admin ki ye post dekhke.... Pehle bhi Admin ne ek post mein atbb ka criteria Btaya tha ki movie wahi atbb hogi jo saare records todegi.... Ce saare records Faad diye the fir ek post daali Admin ne aur criteria hi badal dia aur ce ko bb saabit kr dia... Tb bhi itna bura ni lga lekin aaj to hadd hi krdi... Sch mein shame on u Admin... Srk hater I mst say

    1. Dear Akshat,

      Whatever u have said is readily accepted as ur one of the true followers of our site. But little bit sad, it was not expected from your side. Check this link of Dhoom 3 which was posted as Guest Post eariler also. http://www.addatoday.com/2013/12/dhoom-3-movie-review-guest-post-fall.html. If someone writes his opinion in decent way, then we should appreciated freedom of thought. This is just a Guest Post and let's his opinion be. If tomorrow you post some thought which is decent stuff, we will definitely try to post it. That's it. Thanks

  15. एकदम बकवास मूवी....
    थर्ड क्लास
    दीपावली न होती तो १०० करोड़ भी मुस्किल था...
    २०० इम्पॉसिबल है अब भी...

  16. Guys, this is just a Guest Post written by one of Addatoday readers just like you. Either you agree with his thought or disagree. But don't abuse each other and at least us. If you have any problem or want to discuss further contact him at his coordinates mentioned in the post. Thanks.

  17. yar kisi ne apna review diya h to

    kyu itna bakwas kr rhe ho

    itsss a opinion of someone

    tum bhi to apna apna fact rkh rhe ho

    tumko bola kisi ne

    kisi ka opinoin badal nhi skte hm

    and admin u r doing great job...

    u always provide true boxoffice collection

    and other knowledge


    keep it up

  18. M only say for this movie bkvas 2 2 2 2 2 2 super bkvas it my suggestion you don't waste your time on this movie

  19. Ohk fine but whosoever has written it is completely terrible... He is trying to find logic in Bollywood movies... Impossible thing.... Sorry Admin but I was really hurt n I thought that u hav written all this.... I'm a true follower of this site n alwz will b... But these cheap Srk haters r trying every bit to create negativity about hny which is nt going to happen as hny is breaking so many records... sorry Admin once again

  20. guys salman ki movies jyada krke south movies ki remake hoti hai......kuch naya nhi kr skta sallu.........wanted, kick, dabang, bodyguard yh sab south ki copy hai........at least srk kisi movie ki remake to nhi krta.......remake me dimag to uska hota jisne original banayi hoti hai so sallu is enjoying is stardom which is not worthfull to him and shame on him for enjoying such an stardom. sallu sochta hai uski movies 200 crore krti hai but actually wo 200 crore kisi k remake movie l hai.

  21. HOME
    Happy New Year Four Days Box Office Collection : Decent Monday
    Happy New Year Four Days Box Office Collection

    15.01 Crore (Producer Figure)
    12.25 Crore (Trade Figure)

    4 Days Total:
    112.16 Crore (Trade Figure)
    123.87 Crore (Producer Figure)

    Producer Figure breakup:
    118.82 Crore ( Hindi)
    5.05 Crore (Tamil +Telugu)

    Trade Figure breakup:
    109.05 Crore ( Hindi)
    3.11 Crore (Tamil +Telugu)

    Day 4 Comparison:
    Kick did 13.16 Crore, Dhoom 3 did 19.55 Crore while Chennai Express did 12.1 Crores on its Day 4 ( All Trade figures)

    Happy New year had a weak start in the morning but has picked up in evening and night shows.

    Overall drop is more than 50% from Sunday which is not good trend.

    Gujarat which is also boosted by partial Holidays on Monday and Tuesday is helping the total numbers otherwise drop would be little more.

    Mass centers and single screens are not holding up well while multiplexes remain decent.

    Overseas is also lower than expected with Happy New Year gross coming lower than Chennai Express.

    While the first weekend was exceptional the real test are the weekdays

    Worldwide Gross: 175 Crores

  22. thats good hny ne itna collection kiya hai

    all of srk
    he again prove his super stardom otherwise farah khan ki film pani bhi nhi maangti..

    srk rockssss again