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September 6, 2014

Mary Kom Movie Review. Why Everyone should watch it!

Bollywood seldom make such films and yes Mary Kom is one of them. Film is about inspiration, dreaming big, achieving your goals, no matter what other thinks of you. It is about gender prejudice that still exist in India. The politics in Federation of India and how difficult are the infrastructures for Indian athletes in this country. How parents go through the pain when a girl from family takes unconventional route. How husband's are ridiculed when they take backstage to support the family when her wife is out to work.

Mary Kom is a biopic on true life of Mary Kom the World Champion boxer. Yes, it is Bollywood's answer to Rocky Balboa. 
Story - Mary Kom is a story of a remote village girl from Manipur who fights against all odds and goes onto become Five Time World Champion and Olympic medalist. Film shows the struggle she goes through in her life and how her coach, husband, family, friends, colleagues support her to achieve her dreams.

Drawback - Yes, film is not perfect. There are loopholes in screenplay. Editing could have been better at places. Dialogue could have been more impactful at places. But so much positive in films that flaws can be ignored.

So, why Mary Kom should be watched by everyone

1. Where there is a will, there is a way. 'Will' is Mary Kom and 'Way' is her husband 'Onler Kom' and 'Coach'. Life of Mary Kom teaches us, just go and achieve your dreams.
2. Film teaches us that woman career is never finished even after she becomes a mother. In fact her power doubles.
3. Woman can also earn bread and butter for family and there is no shame in that.
4. Manipur is still 'Part' and also 'Heart' of India. So, does North East India.
5. Problem faced by athletes from Sports Federation. How much trouble an Indian athlete faces from authorities from grass root level. If Mary Kom who is a World Champion goes through such pain, then think about the normal ones.
5. Priyanka Chopra for her Best Performance till date. Absolute justice to the role of Mary Kom. Hardwork pays and this is her Landmark film of her career.
6. For Mary Kom's Husband Onler Kom played by Darshan Kumar. He is the real reason that Mary Kom become Magnificent Mary. Yes, 'behind every successful woman, there is a man'.
7. Yes, of course for Mary Kom, who is Super Woman of India. Salute!

Performances - This is Best Performance of Priyanka Chopra till date. Period. Not just acting and the physical training, but the pain she goes through the film says 100% commitment of her towards work. She may not look like Mary Kom at places, but she has done more than 100% justice to Mary Kom. 

Darshaan Kumar as Onler Kom (Mary Kom's Husband) is absolute natural in the film. He never looks like a Bollywood debutant. He wins heart and yes he is the 'Hero' of the film. Hope we see him much more in Hindi Films. Sunil Thapa as Coach is fantastic. He gives an honest performance. Rest star cast is good.

Omung Kumar shines as debutant director and hope that he only grows from here on. Screenplay is ok but could have been tighter, as there are few loop holes in the film. Editing is good. Songs are good in the film and absolutely situational.

Ratings - I will refrain from giving any ratings as such films are seldom made in Bollywood. So will recommend that everyone should go and watch this film in theaters for many reasons. Watch it for World Champion 'Mary Kom' and Rockstar 'Priyanka Chopra.' Watch it for Super Hero 'Onler Kom' (Mary Kom's husband) played by 'Darshan Kumaar', it is because of him Mary Kom becomes Magnificent Mary!

Verdict - Doesn't matter whether such films get a Hit Status or Flop. Matters that everyone should watch this film. Still in corner of heart there is a belief that Mary Kom will be a Major Hit in coming days.

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