September 9, 2014

Bang Bang vs Haider Screen Release Count

A lot of readers have asked us about the screen allocation of Bang Bang and Haider as both are releasing on 2nd October, 2014 on National holiday. We have already stated that it is too early to make any statement and guessing can be done approx one week prior to release of the films. But since, many has insisted will throw some light on the issue below.

Both Bang Bang and Haider are big production values with big star cast in it. Bang Bang is produced under banner Fox Star Studios and have Hrithik Roshan and Katrina Kaif in it. Whereas, Haider is produced under banner UTV Motion Pictures and have Shahid Kapoor, Shraddha Kapoor and Tabu in it. Release time is absolutely great as Holidays like Gandhi Jayanti, Durga Puja, Dusshera, Bakra-Eid all falls in first week or so and hence, two films can be easily accommodated. This is definitely the best release date of 2014 and would have been perfect if any film had got solo release. Anyways 3-4 Holidays in first 7 days is still good and no major running till the release of Happy New Year only boost the chances of both films. It is upto audiences which film or both they want to see or not.
Bollywood is growing with each passing year and so does the theaters in India. Combined possible significant screenings for both films should be in the region of 4600-5000 screens (including time adjustments) in India. That means in worst case scenario if both film gets 50-50 screens then both have potential to collect 23-25 crore nett in single day with 100% ideal occupancy which is still huge amount. But realistically 50-50 scenario is not possible as star power and buzz of the film is definitely not on equal level.

We will take exhibitors perspective as both production houses are strong in their own. As per exhibitors as stand now Bang Bang will get around 60% screening and Haider will get around 40% screening. Definitely Hrithik Roshan star power at the moment is much bigger than Shahid Kapoor. Prior to one week of release they will look at buzz factor and accordingly changes to screen allocation will be made.

So, as things stand (Just approximations, actual allocation will be done close to release date) - 

Bang Bang Screen Count in India - 2750-3000
Haider Screen Count in India - 1850-2000

Hope that's says the answer for the query posted by many. Its more than enough to rock box office as Holidays are there in first week. Its upto the films content and star power now. Thanks!

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  1. This year will Bang Bang.
    Waiting for Bang Bang.
    Bang Bang Rocks... Hrithik wins Shahid is big Bad Luck

  2. Bang Bang has a clear upper hand and it should get 3000-3500 screens to max its potential collection...Haider is no a cntender to Bang Bang ,still will reduce the number of screen for Bang Bang..

  3. this time haider will bang bang............

  4. अगर दोनों एक ही दिन रिलीज होगी तो पहले मै हैदर देखूंगा..

  5. अगर दोनों एक ही दिन रिलीज हो गयी तो ऋतिक का हाल भी अभिषेक जैसा हो सकता है..



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