September 29, 2014

Bang Bang Leads Screen Count Fight Against Haider by Big Way

As predicted long time back Bang Bang is set to get more screens than Haider in our post earlier and it is coming true now. 

Yes, Haider has good face value in Shahid Kapoor and Shraddha Kapoor and also has backing of big banner like UTV. Plus UTV has produce year's biggest hit Kick and is set to distribute PK in coming days. So, to keep them happy exhibitors are going to give good enough screen space for Haider. But there is called star power and Bang Bang has plenty in Hrithik Roshan and Katrina Kaif which is much bigger than star cast of Haider. And it is the exhibitors who have the final say which film will get how much screens.

Looking at early reports Bang Bang is set to get majority of its screening in multiplexes which might be double or even more than that at places. In single screen as mentioned earlier UTV is backing 'Haider' and hence, film will get nearly equal screening as of Bang Bang. This might be some dent to the overall potential of Bang Bang but by not much.

If one looks at screen allocation of big cities like Mumbai and Delhi, Bang Bang leads much ahead of Haider in plexes at least. Single screen allocation is going on and actual will be known by the release time. Even if both films get 50-50 screens in single screens, still Bang Bang will lead Haider by a huge margin in multiplexes without a doubt.

So, as if now Bang Bang is certain to get 3000+ screens which is great and numbers may also increase to 3300-3400 range.

Haider is set to get at least around 1300-1400 screens and there are chances that screening may increase till 1600-1700 by release time.

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1 comment:

  1. Haider will be destroy in the front of Bang Bang because Hrithik's star power.