August 15, 2014

Singham Returns Movie Review.

When Rohit Shetty and Ajay Devgn come together an explosion is guaranteed on screen. These magical duo gave us a flock of blockbusters. Whether it's Golmaal series, Singham, All The Best, Bol Bachchan they never failed us to mesmerise. With their recent outing Singham Returns the question arrived is that if they superseded their previous works or no? The answer is yes, they did it again but like never before. In his Singham films director Rohit Shetty and his team showcased police as the bishop of common people,their intention to eradicate crimes from society and systems deserve applause. Here we analyse what it offered.

PLOT:- Bajirao Singham (Ajay Devgn) now has been promoted to higher post and now in the charge of famous Mumbai police. A visionary leader named Guruji (Anupam Kher) wants to win the elections to serve for our country with the help of his new and eligible young nominees. This upward mutable thinking creates strife with Swamiji (Amole gupte), a spiritual leader. Suddenly the death of a loyal and agile police officer with a label of corruption created a mess. Singham fights for him and his glory and intends to solve the mistery.
ANALYSIS:- Singham Returns is one of those formulatic hindi masala films. It has a prefernce for single screen audiences. Previously we saw Manmohan Desai, Ramesh Sippy, Yash Chopra, Rakesh Roshan trying in this genre and gave a big chunk of moolah to the producers. Now Rohit Shetty is the current blue eyed boy of this genre. 

Raunchy one liner, slapstick humor and raw action are the main ingredients behind his trademark "Rohit Shetty Style". With Singham Returns Rohit shetty established his unique aura again. This venture is a front runner among his best works. His action design, story telling are flourishing with each passing days. Unlike other franchises in Bollywood this film is quite better in scale, drama, action. This one picked up the tempo from where its former part left. It's a pleasant experince for those who love to watch films on single screen. 

Ajay Devgn excels as Bajirao Singham in this part too. I wont be very surprised if he becomes the face of Indian Police. His dialogue throwing, expressions, confident own the character. Each of his confrontations specially the first one with Swamiji will ensure Ceetis and taalis in theater. Ajay Devgn gave his one of the best performances ever in this film. Yes he is the true Singham of bollywoods. His marquee dialogues and finishing action moves give you goosebumps. 

Kareena Kapoor as Avni did her part superbly. The solemn atmosphere of the film vanishes with her comic timing. She looked a million buck in this film. Her Lady Singham act is hiarious. After a long Kareena's contribution looks much fresh. 

Dudley as cinamatographer is brilliant. His way of capturing Mumbai will be a big example. Sajid-Farhad and Younus Sajawal did superb in writing department, looks much more realistic. The climax will help to boil people's blood and provoke to do for our own country. 

The dialogus 'Ata majhi satakli' and 'Aali re aali' are clap worthy. 

Dayanand Shetty is gracious enough to be well mentioned. His 'darwaja tod' attitude will be popular after this one. Amole gupte is not too impressive in the film. Tried too much but didnot do any exception. Zakir Hussain, Sharad Saxena, Mahesh Manjrekar and Ashwini are great and set the chord right with every scene.

While every other scene are executed with bravura performances the love story of the film falls flat. The chemistry of Ajay and Kareena should have been the icing on cake but it failed to impress.

Overall the film has some low points but they are overshadowed by the performances of all casts and crews. The honesty and hard work of every one reflects. This film a is sure shot blockbuster with a beautiful message and will be remembered for long.


Guest Post by - Soudip Chatterjee
Twitter Id - @DDarkestKnight

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  1. Singham Returns is one of the best movies of recent time and Ajay Devgn gives his one of the best performances may be after Sultan Mirza in OUATIM

  2. Ajay in singham series is just too gud.... Will b the biggest blockbuster of Ajay 's career....cngrtss

  3. ajay devgan far far better then crappy sallu and srk