July 14, 2014

Why Superstars are Running After only Commercial Success? Open Letter.

Superstars have always been the biggest bet for any industry. They carry a film on their own shoulder. If a film has a bigger shortcoming than its pros, the producer takes a sip of a believe and says "superstar hai na!"

In India the same story goes on, people cheer for them; worship them and do lots of crazy things. The biggest chunk of revenues of each year gross is heavily relying on them but a massive crack is found on the wall of their aura. 

From the starting of bollywood we have witnessed big stars whether it is Dilip Kumar or Rajesh Khanna or our contemporaries Khans, Kumars, Kapoors or a Roshan, none has ever failed to mesmerise us.

They did great films which went to win lots of heart and assured healthy financial returns. For example Rajesh Khanna gave an astounding records of consecutive fifteen super-hit films which are still be remembered as good films too. Shahrukh, Aamir and Salman, the three prolific Khans did several epic films with huge box office records. This juggernaut rolls on from one generation to another one. 

From last five years we are noticing that the films have been divided into two parts. One the highest grossers and rest the good ones. The good ones which are giving birth of terrific actors like Irrfan Khan or Nawazuddin and many more. The roles which were once skillfully done by the superstars are going towards these 'Parallel' actors. Scriptwriters are not even considering our superstars as the main choice of their well written films and going to character artists for their choices, abilities and of course low remuneration range.

Aamir khan who once gave 3 Idiots is doing film like Dhoom 3. Shahrukh khan who once epitomized love on screen in DDLJ is producing film like Chennai Express. Salman is also in the rat race. Isn't Khan's DDLJ, Raja Hindustani or Huma Aapke Hain Kaun became highest grossers! Two times national award winner Ajay Devgn is no exception. Hrithik or Ranbir who gave Koi Mil Gaya, Lakshya, Jodhaa Akbar, YJHD, Barfi! following the same path.

This new trend of Bollywood is definitely heart breaking. Money matters most, we all know that but when you are idol of millions you have to maintain the other side too. We want to feel the old magic which is lost in races, rivalries. We want to see the balance not getting tilted. A movie buff like us also want satisfaction, you are our superstars not the fading one!

Open Letter from a Bollywood Movie Buff!!

Guest Post by Soudip Chatterjee
Twitter Handle - @DDarkestKnight

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  1. Superstars become superstars because of their commercial films that are liked by the masses. Just because a film is commercial, doesn't mean its bad. They should do more non-commercial films i agree.

    SRK experimented with my name is khan and ra1 which weren't your typical commercial films and has fan and raees which are serious, content driven films. Ranbir has bombay velvet, roy and jagga jasoos which also aren't your normal commercial film...

  2. amithab bacchan is biggest super star of boolywood

  3. these three khans are the stars of bollywood,if they quit acting trust me bollywood would be no more.there is no other actor who is famous like these three.

  4. @soudeep r u trying to say that mvz like ce,k3,d3,dabangg etc bcm blockbuster without getting love from ppl?if u look at all d articles on addatoday u will find addatoday saying that this x or y film has picked up due to positive wom.ce having superb 2nd weekend bcz of positive wom among family audience etc etc.so plz don't talk rubbish.all d stars r also experimenting wid every film.srk-mnik,ra.one,d2,jthj,ce all very diff film.hrithik-znmd,agneepath,k3 completely opposite of each other

  5. what is a gud movie ?? A movie whch grossed 250 cr or 30 cr but got our insane crictics star whch hardly have any value !! india is big country nd our choices nd lykng r very much difrnt so if u dnt lyk sme genre does not mean its bad !! my parents enjoy ek tha tiger or dhoom mre than gangs of wassepur or any so called film festival movies !! no way a movie cn earn 250 cr if its not lykd by all !! movies lyk 3idiots nd lagaan or gadar comes once in year or two !! An actor potrays a role nor he have control over story or in the direction !! when ever a big star signs a movie it automaticaly bcmes a commercial movie because of the expectation nd money gets involved in the project nd first foremost thng is to recover that money !! every star has its fan base nd thy want to keep thm happy by adding few thngs in the movie !! Amitabh Bachchan is known as the bigest actor of our cinema but truly speaking there were many btr than hm but he stood because of the commercial succes other chosed your so called gud movies nd disaperd in the dark !! finaly they show wat we want to see wen our taste wil change automaticaly movies subjct will change !!!