July 29, 2014

Kick Tuesday (5th Day) Collection Update for Morning Shows. Strong Start.

Kick has taken a very good start on Tuesday (5th day) Morning shows as it was expected being National Holiday. Film has registered an opening of 60-65% in multiplexes across India, which is big. Film has managed on par or better opening than Friday and Saturday as far as Morning shows are concerned. Opening is slightly lower than Sunday Morning shows though. But plus point for Kick is that film will pick up well from Noon-Afternoon shows in Muslim dominated area which was missing in case of Friday, Saturday or even Sunday.
Kick has open to very good occupancy of 65% in Delhi and Gurgaon in Morning shows. Mumbai is registering occupancy of 55-60% for the same. Pune has open huge to 70% occupancy in Morning shows. Hyderabad has opened to occupancy of 50-55% which is also very good.

Advances for Tuesday in later part of the day is reported excellent. Film should pick up further as day progresses. A huge day on cards now.

Occupancy Report of Kick for Tuesday (5th day) Morning shows (Selected Cinemas) - 

Delhi - 65%
Gurgaon - 65%
Mumbai - 55-60%
Pune - 70%
Hyderabad - 50-55%

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