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December 8, 2013

R... Rajkumar Movie Review.

If we look back at the ‘Masala’ entertainers that released in 2013 not many provided us with what we call as wholesome entertainment. The trade, looking at the trend and also considering Shahid Kapoor’s dismal performance at the box office in recent years was not very sure about the film’s fate. But, the promos of R… Rajkumar looked good from the word go and the chartbuster songs further helped the film in creating a positive buzz. Another aspect which worked in garnering the positive vibes is Prabhu Dheva helming the project as a director.

R… Rajkumar’s storyline does not offer anything new but the packaging of the film works big time. Kudos to Prabhu Dheva for creating his own niche in this genre as his films never fail to entertain the movie goers. Action and dance choreography in his films have always been top notch and in this film thanks to Shahid’s great dancing capabilities and fit physique both appeal manifold. Apart from action and dance the film provides ample doses of comedy and romance. Both the halves of the film are equally paced and entertaining. Cinematography by Mohan Krishna is just apt for the film. Dialogues by Shiraz Ahmed are catchy. Editing by Ballu Saluja is also up to the mark and doesn’t break the flow of the narrative at all. The film has two major flaws to its credit. First, the story lacks novelty and secondly, the action sequences tend to get a bit too long at places.

The strongest point of R… Rajkumar undoubtedly is Shahid Kapoor. He is at his entertaining best in the film. His dialogue delivery, comic timing, action, dance and expressions are as good as it can get for a character like Rajkumar. Full marks to him for his brilliant performance and I wish this film will end the drought of successful films in his career. Sonakshi Sinha plays her part well. Sonu Sood, Ashihsh Vidyarthi and Mukul Dev supported them convincingly.

We have seen in the past how Pritam has contributed immensely in a film’s success and R… Rajkumar is another such example. The music of the film just as dialogues is catchy and completely suits the mood of the film. The chartbuster songs of the film ‘Gandi Baat’ and Saree ke fall sa’ are a treat to watch on the big screen as they have been splendidly choreographed. ‘Dhoka Dhadi’ too works as a soothing romantic number. Background Score by Sandeep Chowta is good but at some places it’s a bit too loud and gets irritating.

R… Rajkumar has no dull moments throughout its 139 min runtime. Yes, it is an out an out commercial ‘Masala’ entertainer but still the emotions are well placed and there is a constant connection of the audience with the film. If you haven’t heard the whistles in a theatre (Single Screen) in sometime here is the movie that won’t disappoint you.

Go and enjoy the film Romeo style. ‘Bahut saara Pyaar. Pyaar. Pyaar and Maar. Maar. Maar.

Ratings - 3.5 stars

Directed by – Prabhu Dheva

Cast – Shahid Kapoor, Sonakshi Sinha, Sonu Sood, Ashish Vidyarthi, Asrani and Mukul Dev

Guest Post by - Abhimanyu Kanodia

Twitter Handle @manyukan

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