November 24, 2013

Krrish 3 Box Office Collection and Huge Variance Across Sections. Report!

Krrish 3 has done superb rocking business this November at the box office and there is no doubt about that and no one is pointing a single question mark on that. Krrish 3 not only broke some records on its way to be a big success, but also went to be one of the biggest Blockbuster in recent times. But problem is there is a huge difference in BO numbers of Krrish 3 and it is varied across section, trade and portals.

This problem always arises when there is a big film around the corner. Producers always over-quote numbers to announce their film as big/biggest success, whereas Distributors do the reverse for their own good. Hence, we see varied numbers as there are numerous portals today who are already box office numbers according to their own sources.

Problem started with films for example Rowdy Rathore, Ek Tha Tiger, Jab Tak Hai Jaan which figure varied across sites in the range of around 10 crores (nett) in India alone. Problem went one notch higher and with Chennai Express figure varied in the range of 17-18 crores (nett) in India alone. But Krrish 3 has surpassed all films and its figure is varying in the range of 55+ crores (nett) in India alone.

So, how a reader will trust which is the real box office collection of a particular film. How he will trust which site or trade analyst to follow.

Here is below example of how Krrish 3 box office number shown in various sites. We hardly display (promote) other sources figure, but since big numbers are weighing on Krrish 3 we have selected a few trusted or well known sources. 

Below we have shown figures of Krrish 3 till the end of 3rd Week of various sites. - 172 crore nett (Hindi) + 10 crore nett (Tamil + Telugu - In 17 days) - 182 crore nett (All Language). (Trade Magazine) - 194.33 crore nett (Hindi). Have not quoted any numbers for Telugu + Tamil version. Say assuming another 10 crore for Telugu + Tamil version there number should be approx 204.5 crore nett. - Approx - 239.68 crore nett (All Language). Hindi Version per them should be approx 226-228 crore nett. - Around 216.5 crore nett (Hindi). Approx - 227.87 crore nett (All Language). 

In case of Boxofficeindia they are quoting much lesser number of Krrish 3. As per our assumption Krrish 3 numbers are much higher than those they are mentioning. We don't know which sources they are following, but only like to state that a lot of new screens are added up in India and one should keep track of all those, specially the interior ones, as Bollywood Business is booming there big time. It will be extremely unfair and injustice to give advise to team of BOI as they are doing great job of tracking box office business and hope they do it well in coming days also. We always give weightage to their box office numbers.

Coming to Bollywood Hungama or Mr. Taran Adarsh who is a Renowned Trade Analyst of that site. They are quoting figure of Krrish 3 which is directly taken from Krrish 3 makers this time. Taran Adarsh generally take producers figure bluntly, whereas there are few cases, where he cross checks makers number with distributors/sub-distributors and sometimes there is a variance in his numbers with makers. Recent example being Once Upon Ay Time in Mumbaai Dobara in which Taran and Producers numbers have a significant variance.

Another important trade analyst Mr. Komal Nahta has restrained from giving any box office number of Krrish 3 till now. (Trade Magazine) has given Krrish 3 box office number till 3rd week as around 194+ crore nett for Hindi Version alone. That means Krrish 3 total should come around 204-205 crore nett as per them, when Telugu and Tamil version is included. Their figures are generally ok and trustworthy.

So, now point arises what is Krrish 3 actual numbers. Well, if variance is less say about 5-10 crores. Then there is not much of a big issue as that much variance is absolutely possible for a film doing business in 200 crore nett range. Actual is somewhere between 180-240 crore nett for Krrish 3. 

Coming to us, we (Addatoday) have taken extended sample of Krrish 3 from various cinemas across all circuits for three weeks. Plus referring Producers, distributors, sub-distributors numbers for Krrish 3 we have come to figure of around 228 crore nett approx for Krrish 3 till end of third week. However we are keeping abreast of development in the box office numbers of Krrish 3 and will definitely report if there is any changes made in the figures. 

Now it is upto you readers to follow whichever figure you want. Only thought is that be consistent with what you follow and believe that. 

And finally Hrithik Roshan, Priyanka Chopra, Vivek Oberoi, Kangana Ranaut, Rakesh Roshan (Director) and Team Krrish 3 should be given much due credit and respect for the superlative success of their film at box office. Film has minted huge money and all are laughing their way to the bank.

Note - Article is mainly written as many of our avid readers have asked for a stand on Krrish 3 box office collection and its variance across different sources. Do let us know your thought. Cheers!

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