July 30, 2013

Countdown Begins for Chennai Express with Less Then 10 Days to Release.

Team Chennai Express is on overdrive with just less then 10 days left for release of much awaited Chennai Express. Team CE is on promotional spree and will be seen day in day out at various places and shows in India and abroad. Expectation and buzz is huge for all the fans worldwide. After a long time Shah Rukh Khan will do an out and out commercial film. He was last seen in out and out masala entertainer in Om Shanti Om and that also coincidentally starred Deepika Padukone.

We are soon going to do the box office prediction and potential of Chennai Express, but before that there are some latest updates. Team CE will have paid preview on 8th August and shows will start from 6 pm or after that onwards all India in selected leading cinemas. Secondly film all India release is postponed to 9th from 8th as it is already been told few days back because of EID factor. That means now Chennai Express will have 6 open days till OUATIM Dobara release instead of 7 days. 

CE will get the biggest release till date. There are definite chances that it will be the biggest ever release but since still screens are to be locked hence confirmation on that is awaited. As per our approximation CE screening in India should be a bare minimum of 3400 and it may shot upto 3700-3800 which is enormous. Last big release was Dabangg 2 which was released in around 3450-3500 screens all India.

So, buzz for the film is at its optimum as film is approaching for its release. All SRK and Deepika fans are eagerly waiting for the film release. Box Office Hurricane is set to be unleash soon. We just can't wait for the film!

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