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June 22, 2013

Raanjhanaa Movie Review. Its Heart is definitely in Correct Place!

Before writing the Movie Review of Raanjhanaa like to make some honest confession. Firstly, was expecting least occupancy for the film on a Friday Afternoon show. But still for a welcome change my theater registered around 55% occupancy, which is pretty good for a film of such genre and star power. Secondly although Raanjhanaa Theatrical Trailer was adorable, I was expecting another run the mill Love Story, which is actually not. Thirdly, I was expecting Dhanush to surprise me with his acting talent and yes he gave me 100% gratification back. So, with a smiling face let's start the Raanjhanaa Movie Review. 

Plot - Raanjhanaa starts like a regular love story set at Banaras. Dhanush (Kundan) loves Sonam Kapoor (Zoya) from his childhood. In fact, its love at first sight from his side. He tries to woo Sonam in his school days to fall in love with him, but Sonam just makes laugh of him. Also, along this Swara Bhaskar (Bindiya) falls in love with her childhood friend Dhanush. Dhanush never cares for her. Ok let's move on. Fed up with constant ignorance from Sonam, one day Dhanush slits his wrist in front of Sonam and instantly Sonam falls in love with him. But here is a twist now. Dhanush is Hindu Pandit Son and Sonam is Muslim and society will be against this relation. Fearing this Zoya's parents sent her to Aligarh for her higher studies. After completing her studies, Sonam joins JNU, Delhi for further higher studies. There she meets her Prince Charming in Abhay Deol (budding politician) and slowly falls in love with him. Eventually Abhay Deol also falls in love with her.

Sonam returns to Banaras to meet her parents. She also meets Dhanush who is still waiting for her love that is her. Dhanush tries to remember their childhood love to Sonam. But Sonam tells Dhanush that in childhood all this happen and now she don't love him anymore. 

Amidst this triangular love story Sonam parents arranged a groom for her to get married. Fearing to get married Sonam tells about her love (Abhay Deol) to Dhanush and asks help from his side. Dhanush succeed in persuading Sonam's father and convinces him to get Sonam married to Abhay. Thus, Sonam's parents agrees for marrying their daughter to Abhay. Rest of the story can't be told much as it will spoil the plot. Yes, it can be mentioned that there are lots of twist and turn in the second half. Although Raanjhanaa is a love story, but there is a political thriller plot in the second half which is intriguing. 

So, will Dhanush be able to sacrifice his love? Will Sonam be able to marry Abhay? Or, Dhanush will fightback to get his love back? WIll Abhay be able to become a big politician? For everything this you have to watch the film.

Coming to the film. First Half is very much entertaining. There are lots of funny dialogues and one liners. Dhanush wooing Sonam infinite times is the highpoint of the film. Film moves in a decent pace. In second half there are lots of twist and turn. There are funny and entertaining moments in 2nd half also. Yes, there are dramatic moments, but film never slows down at all. Yes, there are few slow and boring moments in the film, but it is extremely low or negligible.

Coming to performances. Dhanush is Heart and Soul of the film start to finish. He acts well and makes a smashing debut in Bollywood with Raanjhanaa. He will get thumbs up from audiences and there is no doubt about that. In fact there will be huge expectation from Dhanush, whenever he does his next in Bollywood. Even his diction of Hindi is nice, despite having limitations in his Hindi language. Sonam Kapoor surprises all and gives her career best performance till date. She complements well to Dhanush. Her mature role in 2nd half will win many hearts. Where was she been all these years. Here is a film which does justice to her role and she delivers. Abhay Deol looks dashing and handsome in his extended cameo. He looks part of the film and gives first rated performances as usual. Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub is outstanding as Dhanush's friend Murari and is extremely funny in the film whenever appears on the screen. Swara Bhaskar is also good in her role and does immense justice to her character of Bindiya. Shilpi Marwah does good justice to her role as Sonam’s friend Rashmi.

Music of Raanjhanaa is pretty good. Songs, Raanjhanaa, Tum Tak, Tu Mun Shudi, Banarasiya are nice. Other songs also grow with the film. A.R. Rahman does justice again as usual.

Aanand L. Rai’s direction is excellent. He shines a notch higher after Tanu Weds Manu. Script, Storyline and in fact everything about Raanjhanaa is good. Writers deserves kudos for thinking out of the box at many places. 

Verdict - Raanjhanaa is a pure love story, despite there is politics in backdrop. It is a refreshing story. Lead stars acts well and music is nice. So, there is literally everything which make it a MUST WATCH film. Regarding Box Office performance of Raanjhanaa. It will start slow. With good word of mouth film will get momentum. Once it gets momentum it will be hard to stop at box office.

Rating - 4/5 and another half for Dhanush for making smashing debut in Bollywood and Sonam Kapoor for her superlative performance.

Strongly Recommended!

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