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March 29, 2013

Himmatwala Movie Review.

Himmatwala is a yesteryear ramake of the same name starring Jeetendra and Sridevi. This new age Himmatwala stars Ajay Devgn and Tamannaah in lead roles and is directed by Sajid Khan who has given three back to back hits. Will Sajid Khan be able to re-create the magic of old Himmatwala, let's start the movie review to know further.

As Sajid Khan, the captain of the ship of Himmatwala suggested we went to watch the film keeping our brain safely at our home. We already knew that Himmatwala is neither a path breaking film nor it is fighting for a race in Oscar entry in 2013. It is all about entertainment, entertainment and entertainment. We went to nearest single screen theater and booked the balcony seats. While entering the theater, popular crowds the real masses were ranting with shouts of Ajay Devgn the real Himmatwala. Those rants kicked our adrenaline we were waiting for the masala feast to be unfold.
Himmatwala starts with Sonakshi Sinha's item song Thank God its Friday and there after the entry of Ajay Devgn in the film to the whistles of audiences. Ajay entry can be easily said as one of the USP of the film. Ajay beats Goondas to pulp and the story moves forward.

Ravi's (Ajay Devgn) father was humiliated badly by Sher Singh (Mahesh Manjrekar). Because of this humiliation Ravi's father does suicide. Ravi goes back to his village to take revenge from Sher Singh. Ravi has his mother (Zarina Wahab) and sister (Leena Jumani) besides in this fight for pride. In between all this revenge saga Ravi meets Rekha (Tamannaah) who is the only daughter of Sher Singh. She is a rich spoilt girl who hates poor. But soon due to circumstances she falls in love with Ravi for his generosity. Without divulging much of the story, have to state that another USP of the film is the Real Tiger and his duel with Ajay Devgn.

Fed up with frequent bashing and torture from Ravi, Sher Singh makes a master plan of marrying Ravi's sister with Narayan Das's (Paresh Rawal) son Adhyayan Suman, so that she will be in their hand and thus they can keep Ajay calm and quiet.

So, will Sher Singh be able to make his heinous plan successful. Or Ravi will overcome all his problem to take his dad revenge. That is all about Himmatwala.

Himmatwala works in a water thin plot and we have seen such stories a numerous time in our silver screen. Up till the interval point Himmatwala entertains us with fights, humour and songs. But after intermission film dips and falls flat. 

First half is very much ok. Naino Mein Sapna song brings cheer to the faces of audiences. Crowd dances and sing alongside the song. Ajay Devgn's fight with the Tiger bring on the heroism in the big screen. Crowd goes berserk with cheeties and taalis. Ajay Devgn machismo part is well shown when he beats goondas black and blue. First half is more or less about masala, entertainment and heroism.

Second half is the main problem of the film. Neither you can keep your brain aside nor you can find logics. 2nd half boast of half baked forced jokes and not required songs and item songs. Climax of the film bring some cheers in between, but it is not consistent as a whole. Overall Himmatwala would have been much better if the 2nd half would have been trimmed by 15-20 minutes and edited well.

As for performance, Ajay Devgn is head and shoulder above all. Himmatwala rides on Ajay Devgn star power from start to finish. Even he salvages some pride for himself and this film, this despite an average product in his hand. Tamannaah looks cute and good in few scenes and songs, but she has very little to offer. Paresh Rawal tries his best to look funny in many scenes, but even he can't save this product. Mahesh Manjrekar does full justice to the role of Sher Singh and his performance is first rated. Riteish Deshmukh special performance is praiseworthy and keeps an impact in the film. He brings smile and tears with his small length performance. Zarina Wahab and Leena Jumani performances as Ravi's Mother and Sister is first rated. Adhyayan Suman is rigid and plastic. The Tiger bhai did a commendable job in the film and is the real Himmatwala of the film. He brings magic in otherwise weak climax portion and it is worth watching.

Overall Himmatwala is just another average product. First half is ok, but second half is a letdown. All those die-hard fans of masala entertainer can give Himmatwala a try once. But all those who want to take your brain alongside can give it a skip. It is neither a Dabangg nor a Singham.

At box office Himmatwala will only ride because of Ajay Devgn star power. It will do good business in initial first three days, but after that will struggle to sustain further. Ajay Devgn star power is the only chance of film to score 100 crore nett at the box office. Let's wait and see if it can do it in long run or not.

Plusses -  Ajay Devgn, The Real Tiger and Naino Mein Sapna Song.
Minuses - Story, Plot.

Ratings - Two and an another half for the Naino Mein Sapna song and the real Tiger. 2.5/5.

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