March 9, 2013

Dhoom 3 vs Krrish 3 vs Chennai Express vs Mental vs Himmatwala vs OUATIMA. Who got the Best Release Date in 2013. Old Post

Major Holiday/Festive Release of Bollywood film has become a trend in recent times and what is more interesting is that every film maker is wanting to cash in on these available dates for their film release. It is nearly impossible for makers to get solo release on festive times as with every passing day quantity of films in Bollywood is increasing manifold. This year a lot of film is lined up and already all the major festive or Holiday dates are booked or near about booked. 

So, till the last report filled in who got what. Which maker managed to sink in the best release date of 2013. Which film has highest holidays in its first 10 days of release. We will postmortem the release dates of films Himmatwala, OUATIMA, Chennai Express, Mental, Krrish 3 and Dhoom 3, because these are the films which have got favourable release dates in 2013. Although makers of Chennai Express and Mental are still to make official announcement of their release dates, but if sources are to believed both these films have locked their release dates already.

1. Himmatwala. Himmatwala (Ajay Devgn, Tamannaah Bhatia) is the second major release after Race 2 (Saif Ali Khan, John Abraham, Deepika Padukone) in 2013. Race 2 released in 25th January 2013 and got Republic Day as Holiday which boost its collection in big way and film went to touch 100 crore nett mark in India. Himmatwala is releasing on 29th March. 29th March is Good Friday, that means Himmatwala will straight away get 3 Big Days in Good Friday, Saturday and Sunday, that is the first 3 days of release. It is a dream for makers to get all the first 3 days as Holidays. Himmatwala can boast of that. Second positive for the film is that it is solo release, so forget about the screen fights. It is foregone conclusion that Himmatwala being a solo release will get around 3000+ screens, with each single day capacity of touching 30 crore nett mark at the box office. If film content is good expect Tsunami at the box office.

2. Chennai Express vs OUATIMA vs Singh Saheb The Great. Chennai Express (Shahrukh Khan, Deepika Padukone) is believed to be releasing this EID. Once Upon A Time in Mumbaai Again (Akshay Kumar, Sonali Bendre, Imran Khan, Sonakshi Sinha) is officially locked for EID. Dark horse Singh Saheb The Great starring Sunny Deol can't be ruled out as Sunny has got huge fan following in North Belt. EID falls on 8th and 9th August 2013. After that 10th and 11th is Saturday and Sunday. Huh! That means first four days are continuous Holiday. Easily the biggest release date of 2013 and no doubt all makers can give one of their Kidney for this release date. What more no Salman Film on this EID. If you have just got a breather then just think 15th August (Independence Day) falls on the 8th Day of the release, and we all know what happened last Independence Day when Ek Tha Tiger released, it broke the biggest single day record by a mile. This EID will get 5 big dates that is 8th & 9th (EID), 10th & 11th (Sat & Sun), 15th (Independence Day) in its first 8 days itself. It is not doubt that this is the biggest release period for films in 2013. Question is will it be wise to have multiple release in Chennai Express, OUATIMA and Singh Saheb The Great. One thing is certain that if any film gets solo release in this time period, God knows where collection will end after those first 8 days.

3. Mental vs Besharam. Mental (Salman Khan) release date is tentatively locked for 2nd October. Besharam (Ranbir Kapoor) is officially locked for 2nd October. Salman Khan misses this EID deadline as Mental shooting is just started. But all Salman fans can still rejoice as their Hero as got another good release date in 2nd October (Gandhi Jayanti). That means Mental will get 3 Big Days in 2nd (Gandhi Jayanti), 5th & 6th (Sat & Sun) in its first 5 days of release. It will also get the benefit of 13th October (Dusshera) but it falls on Sunday. But if there is no other major release than expect box office havoc of Mental on that day also. Plus Bakrid falls on 16th October. Problem with Mental are mainly two. First Dusshera and Bakrid falls after the first 10 days of its release. So, for Mental to get benefit of these Holidays, content has to be good, otherwise it is of no use. Secondly Besharam starring Ranbir Kapoor can't be taken lightly now as his last release Barfi! crossed the 100 crore nett barrier and it will give tough fight to Mental from the first day itself. Whether Ranbir can compete with Salman at the box office that is another big question?

4. Krrish 3. Krrish 3 is releasing this Diwali. Exact date is unknown right now but it is more or less certain that it will release on 1st November 2013. That means it will get 3 big days in 2nd & 3rd (Sat & Sun) and 4th (Diwali Holiday) in its first 4 days itself. Secondly it is a Hrithik Roshan starrer and from the Krrish franchise. Thirdly it will get solo release and can boast of 3000+ screens each day. With 3 days of first 4 days being Holiday, Krrish 3 should take earth shattering opening at the box office. It should earn significantly in its first 4 days itself. After that the content will take it to the place where it deserves. 14th November is Muharram which might help Krrish 3 a little bit, but it will be the 14th day from release date.

5. Dhoom 3. Dhoom3 (Aamir Khan, Katrina Kaif, Abhishek Bachchan, Uday Chopra) is releasing on 25th December 2013. Being first day at box office and being National Holiday we will be surprised that if Dhoom 3 doesn't break the Biggest Single Day collection by a mile. We don't know that Ek Tha Tiger 32.9 crore nett collection in a single day record will stay till then or not. But one thing is certain that Dhoom 3 will break ETT or any new single day record in its first day itself and it should be broken by a mile. Other then 25th Dec, Dhoom 3 will get big days in Saturday, Sunday and New Year Day. With four big days in first 8 days, plus being an Aamir starrer, plus being the biggest Bollywood franchise and from the biggest makers, expect all records to be broken in the first 8 days itself.

From the above postmortem/post analysis, one thing is certain that if any other movie except these above said films becomes the top grosser of the year then it will definitely be the 8th Wonder of the World in 2013. Also we the box office trade badly want 3 Idiots lifetime record to be broken, as it is long due and will be good for the industry.  

Do let us know your feedback on these films and any other film which stand chance to beat those in 2013. 

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