March 26, 2012

Kahaani Super HIT or Blockbuster? Reason for Talaash Postponement?

Q. Kahaani is Super HIT or Blockbuster? Amod, Zahid Khan.

Ans - Kahaani is Super HIT. If it grosses more than 50 crore nett all India then we can safely say Blockbuster. Right now Kahaani has grossed 42 cr nett.

Q. Is Talaash has similar storyline with Kahaani? Is this is the main reason for postponement? Mayank, Naveen, Syed Hussain, Arpita, Anonymous.

Ans - Talaash has around half a day of shoot left. Also Mr. Aamir Khan will be busy with his TV Show coming up. Plus, he needs enough time for marketing and publicity of his film Talaash. These are the 3 main reasons of postponement of Talaash till 30th Nov, 2012. Regarding similarity of the story with Kahaani is totally rubbish and baseless.

Q. Agent Vinod has lots of Negative Publicity after its release. Why? Abhilash, Hemanta.

Ans - Agent Vinod is an action thriller inspired from Bond series. This concept is totally new in Bollywood and is in unexplored territory. Though I would rather say that Agent Vinod has started well at the Box Office and majority of public is liking it. Saif Ali Khan is not a star in the range of Aamir, Salman, Shahrukh, Hrithik or Akshay. Hence, opening at the Box Office is very decent comparing his status.

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