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March 9, 2012

Kahaani Movie Review. Vidya Balan is One Wo'Man' Army.

Expect the unexpected. I don't generally seat for a Movie Review, nor I am a expert in reviewing movie, but can't wait if such a outstanding story is told with full gratification After watching the promos of Kahaani, plus the expertise named Mr. Vidya Balan at work with panache who want to miss the story (Kahaani) unfold.

Kahaani is a story of a lady name Vidya Bagchi (Vidya Balan) who arrives in Kolkata from London to find her missing husband. Seven month pregnant and alone in a festive city, she begins a relentless search for her husband. With nothing to rely on, except fragments from her memories about him, all clues seem to reach a dead end when everyone tries to convince Vidya that her husband does not exist. She slowly realizes that nothing is what it seems. In a city soaked in lies, Vidya is determined to unravel the truth about her husband for herself and her unborn child, even at the cost her own life. Being pregnant and husband gone missing in an unknown city and the struggle to find him with all the obstacle in between is Kahaani all about. 
Kahaani with a 2 hour long duration is a captivating story, full of suspense, excitement and mystery from start to finish. It is an edge on seat entertainment and story teller succeeds in providing all the ingredients of a good mystery thriller. Cinematography is top notch and songs are extremely situational and well placed. Script is the King in Kahaani.

Now come to the performances. Parambrata Chattopadhyay, as Rana, is competitive. Tremendous potential as an actor. Nawazuddin Siddiqui, as Khan is first rated. Dhritiman Chatterjee is, as always, efficient, Saswata Chatterjee is effective and Darshan Jariwala is perfect. Indraneil Sengupta is splendid in a challenging role. The child actor at the lodge is total natural and the other child actor at the tea stall is ok. 

Director Sujoy Ghosh is excellent at his work and knows his job day in day out. Besides, the writing is outstanding. Story is written by Sujoy Ghosh & Advaita Kala.

But, the real Hero of Kahaani is without doubt Vidya Balan. Heart, Soul, Hand, Leg, Kidney, Liver, actually A to Z of Kahaani is Vidya Balan. She, sorry He is the star of the film and carries Kahaani proudly on her shoulders start to end. In The Dirty Picture she had the support of 3 male stars, but in Kahaani she is all alone. She is right now One Woman Army in Bollywood and there seems no stopping for her right now. 

Verdict - If you love good story telling, love mystery thriller, edge on seat excitement for 2 hours and above all Ooh La La girl Vidya 'Bagchi' Balan, then you must go to watch Kahaani at my Guarrantee. Your all money plus Popcorn and Coca Cola will be returned with 100% satisfaction.

Rating - 4.5/5. Must Watch for Thriller lovers, else give it a miss.

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