Baahubali 2 Saturday (2nd Day) Box Office Collection Report. Record Smashing Again.

May 1, 2017

Baahubali 2 Saturday (2nd Day) Box Office Collection Report. Record Smashing Again.

Baahubali 2 has continued to smash each and every box office record Worldwide even on day two. Film has collected an approx 40 crore nett in Hindi version alone in India. All language collection on Saturday (2nd day) is astonishing 100 crore nett. Film is simply doing historic business in each and every nook and corner of India. Story is same for each show also.

Baahubali 2 total collection after day two is approx 220+ crore nett for all Language. For Hindi version film collection is approx 40+ crore nett. Film is all set to cross unprecedented 300 crore nett in India in opening weekend itself from all languages. Hindi version collection is going to be over 120 crore nett. Film has smashed all existing box office record by mile. There is no doubt that Baahubali 2 has set such high box office benchmark for others to follow that it will be extremely difficult for others to even go near those figures, forget about even breaking it.

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  1. I guess Baahubali 2 is giving sleepless nights to all pro Khan websites and trade pundits that they are updating Baahubali 2 collections at mid night and when everyone is sleeping. Previous movies updates were given 4 to 5 times a day. Now Mr. Baruah is having nightmares. Whatever adjectives you and others used to previous films opening records were fake and Baahubali2 is the real behemoth opening. Now on, you guys must live with the reality of Baahubali2 as the highest earning Indian film of all time. Period.How fake and biased you were before. It is a pity in India that people make money by promoting fake stars and movies.

  2. Mr ankur wht happened to u giving collections after midnight no update like u give of dangal raees after evry hour nothing in case if bahubali as if it is difficult fr u to digest or calculate huge numbers .plz update morning noon n in night those all day prediction of collection .b normal n nt in depression come out n support biggest mve of millenium

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Baahubali production house claimed Baahubali released in 1100+ screens in USA. ..

    but official trade report from USA ( BOX OFFICE MOJO) Baahubali released in 425 screens totally all language including. .. actually in India don't have a trade following system. . We don't have other choice. . " what is all producers tells , WE SHOULD SWALLOW IT"

  5. Te khan fans ki website hai jiski bolti bandh ho gayi hai bahubali ke bad

  6. I'm shocked when I heard 57cr gross from ap/telugana with around 1200 screens maximum (a and b theatres includes)..

    we can Trust tickets sold for 2500 too in hyderabad, vizag, vijayawada etc especially in multiplexes... we knows well less than 100 screens maybe nearly 50 screens. .. what about other 1100+ screens. .. 400+ screens are b... no A/C... no ultra sound system. Which regular ticket prices less than 100... Most of the ap/telugana state peoples lives in villages wich capitalising small towns. .. Most are them farmers. .. how it happened on first day without 100% occupancy. .. With 4-6 shows... logically calculator goes wrong way. ..

    This is my maximum calculation..

    Baahubali running time 2:51 hours. If even 7 shows with 100% occupancy can only score 30cr gross... With additional city ticket prices hiked (5cr) ... total 35cr gross... This is too impossible with 1200 screens

  7. For a class theatre gross per day with all house full shows ..

    Small screens ( 200+ seats) 1 lakh
    big screens (500+ seats) 2.5 lakh
    in festival and holidays it will multiple. ..

    actually most multiplex screens are small...

    how it happened 57 cr gross first day??...

    We should swallow. ...

  8. Admin .. your reporting is too slow on this big event of Indian film history...

  9. First thing is this site only reports collections after box office India has released its Sunday collections till 12 noon are not here as box office India hasn't yet....second for bahubali all websites told to give collections after karan johar okays as I guess he linked to it for Hindi release...and yes in positive whatever could be game on is's time Bolly wood makes pan India movies and not for hindi belt is lesson bahubali given to all

  10. Since u have really worked hard and stayed late upto night to post day2 collections on day4, I suggest you to take rest and post Sunday collections tomorrow on Tuesday. Meanwhile boxofficeindia has already posted the Sunday collections.

  11. Box office india gives advance collection report. .
    Higher than taran adarsh.. earlier than producers announcement. . First ever I see box office india shows this kind of interest on a film..

  12. I know why ankur is not updating occupancy and early trends for baahubali 2..

    because ankur can't calculate for baahubali 2...

    Why ankur ?? Even god can't calculate...

    here is police (dharma prodoction or taran adarsh) and judiciary (box office india) against real track collection showing. ..

    then bechaara ankur kyaa karegaa???...

    Ankur also feeling like me.. how's this all happening? ?.. he can't believe..

    even the screen count also I don't trust. .. for kerala I know 288 screens only... dangal released 102 screens in kerala...
    tamil nad 500-550screen expecting. .. dangal was 250 around. ...
    karnataka 500-600 screen expecting. . Dangal was 300+ screens
    ap/telugana 950-1050 expecting. .. dangal was around 350 screens. ..

    if we're reducing dangals south indian screens from total ... 350+300+250+100= 1000screens..

    that means only 3250 screens in other Indian parts. ..

    let's calculate for baahubali. .. 288 +525+550+1000= 2350 screens. ..

    For hindi belt I don't think dharma production can release bigger than yash raj & salman& aamir...

    sultan & dangal released in only 3200+ screens if removing south screens. .. how karan johar got more than 4000 screens? ??.. actually media trying to show what? ??.. more than salman&aamir films the bollywood film lovers are willing to watch a dubbed south film???...

    And for a sultan or dangal bollywood audience paying 130rs to 900/1200 maximum. .. For baahubali paying 3000???.. thats too there is more screens have. ..

    if sultan's or dangal's south collection reduces from net... then sultan's first day collection (holiday) 36cr - 5cr... 31cr only...
    dangal working day.. 29cr - 5.5cr .. 24cr...

    how baahubali crossed 41cr on working day...
    leave working day... third day netted 46 cr despite mixed wom...

    who watched the film they have to say "it's disappointed, not even 1/3 of first part"... still collection growing to up sky. ...

    It's some kind of dirty business track is where we seems in textiles shops. .. "our cloth is made from pluto, it will bling in night, this is costly, 250cr or 450cr or even 1000cr... something extra extra".. the uneducated people's are willing to know that.. what's this cloth??. I want to know. . He speaks to others about the costly clothes.. that makes publicity and hype. .. the manipulated collections is showing for targets audience ... who read or heard about 100cr.. 500cr earned within time. . He will think " wow.. ye kamaal ki picture hoga".. " ye dekhna chahiye"...

    Ss rajamouli is sharp business man.. indian audience are fooled. .. he earned. .

    1. Bhai pagal ho gaya kya? So much senseless comments. Appreciate good movies rather than supporting only actor of your community. Bahubali is housefull every where be it night show..I think you like movies like kick, bodyguard, hny more than bahubali..then you can watch them rather than crying over here. Bahubali is excellent movie.. Does not matter if you don't like it..if any khan would have been an actor in bahubali, you would have definitely praise it like hell..

    2. Ye khan fan hai to esi halat to hogi hi na tino sath mai aa jaye fir bhi nahi tod skte record

  13. Aamir khan is sharp film maker not ss rajamouli

    ss rajamouli is sharp business man not aamir khan..

    1. Are bhai isko mental hospital me bharti karvao...please do some work and earn something for your family instead of doing illogical/foolish/implausible/improbable analysis.

      I have watched bahubali and its a far better movie then others . We should praise Indian cinema. Indian Cinema not the copyright of Khans.

  14. Kuch Khan lover ko bahubali ka collection hajam nahi ho raha Hain isliye kuch na kuch baate banayenge koi fark nahi padta banane do aur ek baat why admin is not updating collection of bahubali

    1. Where is word of mouth meter. I think Ankur lost his mouth. Now people are exposing Ankur. Bahubali2 is proof that this site is biased and it totally exposed them.

  15. dear ankur baahubali 2 ka update bara bar kyo nehie derehi wo

  16. bahubali 2 jaipur me dangal se jyada business kar rahi hai or ye hindi belt hai abdul quadir konsi duniya me ho

  17. Waiting for bahubali collection update .....kahi itna jyada to nai ho gaya ki is website p aa hi nai paa ra h



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