September 3, 2015

Drishyam or Baby or Gabbar or Brothers is Bigger Hit? Shahid Kapoor Biggest Hit till date?

Your queries and our answers -

Q. Which of these films Drishyam or Baby or Gabbar or Brothers is a bigger Hit?

A - Gabbar followed by Baby. Drishyam is still running and is a plus film but will be below Gabbar and Baby. Brothers is not a plus film and would lose big chunk of money for all associated with it.

Q. What is Drishyam verdict?

A - Drishyam is still running and trend suggest film will end with verdict of Above Average. If film miraculously trends well in 5th and 6th week then it has outside chance of Semi Hit. But that chance is very very remote.

Q. Will Shaandaar lifetime collection touch 100 crores?

A - Makers think so. Plus film is getting National Holiday release on occasion of Dussera. But going by trade talk film will end in somewhere between 70-80 crore nett mark if content is decent to good. That means it has chance of being the highest grosser of Shahid Kapoor but still failing to touch 100 crore nett mark. These are pre-release talk. Actual will be known once film release and how it works with audiences.

Q. Which film is Shahid Kapoor biggest Hit?

A - Vivah is easily Shahid Kapoor biggest Hit till date. If nett gross is adjusted according to inflation rates then it might have crossed 100 crore nett mark in todays time. Jab We Met is second biggest Hit but far below the level of Vivah.

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  1. @ ankur, still giving biased views about brothers, could you please explain how all associated with brothers will lose money if its budget was 83 crores and it collected 85, kuch log sudarte nahi hain, i had faith in your website but now i think it is true that you are also paid to give biased views, how sad

    1. Assuming a film is sold for 85 crores, it needs to do net business of 170 crores to break even solely through theatrical business. This is because the distributor share is nearly 50% of net business in India. Obviously, lesser business is needed if one takes ancillary income into account.

    2. budget is 100cr+ & only half of nett collections goes to producers. if it made 85cr only 40cr or so will go to recovering its cost.

    3. Hi puneet ,all the money which is earned from box office dont go to producers pocket,there are rentals and other shares to so roughly half of 85 cr will be the distributors share.thus movie was not able to recover cost. @ankur can explain further if he have time to do so.. :)

    4. @ puneet,
      I'm sorry to say that because Akki is my 2nd fav but his last movie is a flop and has been declared a flop by all trade analysts.
      The budget of the movie if not 83 crores! you're talking about cost here!
      The total budget of the movie is 112 crores (cost, distribution and actor salary).
      The movie has lost a lot of money, mostly the distributors.

    5. could you then explain why gabar is hit, also RAONE collected only 125 crores and the cost was 120 crores then why is it a hit, same goes for JAI HO also

    6. Ancillary income has been taken into account, as I mentioned in my earlier comment. Clearly, most of the films today are not clean theatrical hits. Films like TWMR, PK, BB and possibly ABCD2 are the only recent examples I can think of.

    7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Dilwale
    first 500 cr
    300 cr allready
    two movie
    400 cr

    predict 500cr

    DON 2

  3. Mr. ANKUR I was expecting the answer of my question this time.

    Sir why you are ignoring my question.

    Please tell me about the fact and office collection of DDLJ as in my opinion this is not possible to remain on 61 crores frm the last 20 years.

    Please tell me the actual box office collection of DDLJ if possible.

    Kindly please reply.

    Waiting for your valuable thoughts and comment on the same.


    1. The film has been running for only one show for a large part in the last 10 years or so. Even with good footfall over the weekend, it is difficult to collect anything significant, given a solid base of 61 crores. I also heard that it's not Maratha Mandir but YRF itself that is incurring the expenses for the morning show in order to build a legacy.

  4. Dilwale first 60 cr opening

    first day 50 cr

    SRK rock

  5. @Ankur- Why are you calling Brothers a flop movie? This is not done :/

    1. Assuming budget to be 80 crores, the theatrical recovery will be around 40 crores at bes (Net business wrapping up just around 85 crores). I don't know the figures for ancially income, but should be nearabout 30 crores, which makes it a loser, or a below average grosser in the best case.

  6. Arey Doston plz mujhe ye bata do ye 85 crore ya jo b figure tum bata rahe kahan lagaye gaye han movie mein....

  7. Mujhe to sirf RTF ke set ke alwa kahin par b total 10 crore se jyada kharch nahi lagta... Or RTF KE set pe hi half movie shoot hui h...To kya. 60 crore ka set tha wo....Pata nahi log dimag kahan bhul ke aate hen.....Total fess mila ke b 50 crore nahi bante....

  8. according to BMR gabbar was Hit..Baby was SemiHit and Brothers & Drishyam now running in cinema and collected 77cr in 2week...67cr in 4week respectivly