August 27, 2015

Box Office Prediction of Dilwale, Fan & Raees. Will Clash Happen between Diwale & Bajiaro Mastani. If Then How Much Business Prospect!

We have received many queries from our regular reader and specially from Shah Rukh Khan fans on Dilwale, Fan and Raees. Also, they are asking whether clash will happen between Dilwale and Bajirao Mastani. Let's try to give a proper answer to that.

Q. Tell Box Office Prediction (Collection) of Dilwale, Fan and Raees? Will Diwale cross 300 crore mark? Will Fan and Raees have potential to be biggest grosser in 2016?

A. Dilwale is easily the biggest film of the year along with Prem Ratan Dhan Payo to be released. Film is getting a good Christmas release date. Film has every potential to take box office by storm and create history at box office. Coming to Fan it is too early to make any prediction. But honestly film looks smaller film in comparison to Raees and of course Dilwale. Raees is getting EID release and hence good business prospect. Again it is too early to make any prediction.

What we can state how exhibitors, distributors and trade experts think of both these above mentioned films. They think Dilwale is a sure shot next 200 crore film. If got decent to good word of mouth then should cross 250 crore mark also. If film found appreciation like PK or Bajrangi Bhaijaan then could be next 300 crore film. Trade expert think Fan should collect a bare minimum of 150 crore nett and if content is liked could challenge 200 crores. Raees should collect bare minimum of 175 crore nett and if content is liked could challenge 225-250 crores. So, that's answer your queries regarding Dilwale, Fan and Raees.

Q. Will Clash Happen between Dilwale and Bajirao Mastani? If it does how much both the films will collect then?

A. As if now yes clash is happening. If that happens then it will definitely Christmas for movie lovers and exhibitors. But will be sad news for the makers as both film lose some kind of business because of clash. Ideally such big films should never clash. But nowadays there are lot of screen space and Christmas can afford that.

If clash happens Dilwale should still collect 200 crore nett at box office unless content of the film is rejected. Coming to Bajirao Mastani it will be highly affected by the clash and its business might wrap up within 100-125 crore nett mark. Bajirao is carrying big budget and hence, makers are aiming business in the region of 150 crore nett at least.

What we think clash will not happen between Dilwale and Bajirao Mastani. Either Bajirao will be prepone or postpone by a week atleast and then scenario will be same as of Bahubali and Bajrangi Bhaijaan clash. Hope that answers your queries.

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  1. Well, i guess dilwali will b affected just b'coz bhai log u cant really compare some 1 like rohit shetty wid Big man Sanjay leela bhansali. No doubt srk star power will dominate but question is upto wat extent ? Banjarangi bhaijaan doing exceptional business like 320 + bcoz of content n genious direction in addition to dat superstardom of salman. On d oder hand ....we all know bajirao mastani from school days..gr8 content. Bajirao famous for Pawankhinda man show...where he dies ..m sure dat must b d climax.

  2. Good predictions addatoday.
    As per latest interview of Shahrukh Khan, he also admitted #Fan will not taste box office like #dilwaale but it is very close to his heart, ,, , #Fan is a very deep character film

  3. Filmy baba prediction:-

    Since Shahrukh fans, srk-kajol lovers, trade, distributors, Shahrukh haters, media, rohit shetty brand cinema lovers, varun dhawan fans, kirti shanon Deewaane,common man, comedy lovers, romantic couples,,,and Indian family movie lovers , NRIs.. ... .. .. All are waiting for dil waale,,, , so after even clash #dilwaale will easily cross 250cr at Indian box office and 200cr in overseas.
    If content will be excellent then #dilwaale will be first 350cr tagged movie at domestic box office.

  4. Coming on #fan...

    #fan will be non-holiday release,,,, so my prediction says it will be first movie who will cross 200cr at Indian box office & 250cr in overseas without any festive season, because I guaranteed #fan is highly content oriented film,,, ,, , Shahrukh Khan fans will taste their favorite star's unbelievable acting skills and srk hatters will taste water of gutter.

  5. Or bhaiyon #raees k baare me kya kahna,,kuchh bolne k liye to film ka teaser hi kaafi h.
    My prediction 250cr in overseas
    & domestic collections will be 250cr+ guaranteed.

  6. Dilwale screen count 3000
    130cr(JTHJ screen count 3000)

    Fan 190 cr

    Raees 110 cr

    Dilwale -Disaster
    Srkian yeh mat

    Jan E Man vs Don
    yaad hai

    before 2010

    Mai aur...

    single release hui
    phir bhi FLOP hoi

  7. forget about content, are you joking, content from rohit shitty, oops shetty, raees and fan are looking promising, i am not a srk fan but i like his movies such as don, chak de india, i bet he will be in a league of his own in raees



    =>>ye Christmas dilwaalo k liye
    =>>abki eid raeeson waali
    =>>2016 dekhegi duniya ke sabse bade superstar ke sabse bade #fan ko.

    #King aa rhaaaaaaa h, dil thaam lo

  9. Before

    boxoffice prediction

    first 300 cr
    ki movie ko mai itna janta
    week days
    bahut hi ghatiya rahta hai
    us se acha to AkshayKumar ki
    movie ka rahta hai


    holiday ko nikal do
    weekdays dekhlo

    mixed review


  10. Mr.rehman please show ur self to psychiatric bro I think ur Akshay Kumar sorry chillar Kumar fan baap hai tumhara srk samjhe

  11. One srk hatter just came out from gutter and satisfying himself by own data, but he better knows storm is coming with #dilwaale #fan #raees

  12. #naveed zain

    mere baap.ka naam
    nahi hai

    tumhare baap ka naam.SRK hoga

  13. Sorry to say again addatoday upset me as it shows anti srk statement

  14. srk movies is absolutely content-less and bull shit.... again rohit shetty another ghatiya admi.... who cannot make any good dilwale 150+cr would be a great total....(if lucky too much) chance of getting close to 250cr...
    and srk acting is worst as of fan & raees also cannot go past 250cr....
    srk should now really leave acting career..

  15. @admin do you think Bajirao Mastani cross 100cr despite clashing with Dilwale where Haider failed despite a masterpice n Dilwale is much bigger than bang bang

  16. Raj Aryan- Why do you think dilwale is MUCH bigger than bang bang? Hrtihik Roshan is as big a star as Srk if not more. Infact Hrithik Roshan's highest grossing movie Krish-3 has done more business(240 crores) than Srk's highest grossing movie Chennai Express(226 crores). Despite the fact that haider was liked by one and all and there was too much of negativity against Bang Bang from day one yet it did 181 crores merely because of Hrithik Roshan! Don't be delusional.

  17. Hahaha naveed bhai kya comment kiya h aapne.such h bhai.kuch log to apne aapko yaha comments krke taran adarsh/ komal mahta samajhne lage h jbki munh dhone ki tameez nahi h..
    haters aane do dilwale tm sbko bilo me na ghused diya to srkian nahi main.

  18. Srk ne hamesha clash ka saamna kiya h.hum nahi darte clash se
    dilwale 300+ CR
    FAN 225 CR
    Raeed again 300 cr+
    my prediction.

    1. Mr.Azeem Faridi, Raees movie sultan ke sath clash hogi tab pta chalega ki asli clash kya hota hai

  19. This year will also end with dhoom of dilwale....


  20. @ Kanika Sharma

    Beleive it or not but Dilwale is much more bigger than Bang Bang and not only SRK but Salman and Aamir is much more bigger star than Hrithik.

    Hrithik is in the leauge of Akshay and Ajay.

  21. @Kanika Sharma i never told hr is lees popular but Dilwale is much bigger film than Bang Bang without any dobut.

  22. being based on shivaji clan bajirao mastani will affect whole business of maharastra region. in maharastra region it will give big blow to dilwale. bcos 40% movie ka collection maharastra region se ata hai. dilwale 150% cr nd bajirao 125 cr.

  23. Yes raj aryan ji aur isme kisiko koi shakhona hi nahi chahiye

  24. srk jyada bada star ni hai abhi

    compare kar lo
    abhi uski do hi movie hai jinhonai accha buisness kiya hai
    1 chennai
    2 hpy
    usai penlai
    jthj 20
    don 110
    or mujhai pata nahi

  25. if content is good then dilwale soure cross to 250 to hai hi