August 3, 2015

Bajrangi Bhaijaan aims 300 in India & 600 in Worldwide. Unprecedented!

After crossing INR 500 crore Worldwide Bajrangi Bhaijaan is now aiming for INR 600 crore Worldwide. Yes, you have heard it right. Film is simply unstoppable not only in India, but also in Overseas. Film has collected a huge INR 292+ crore nett in India (INR 392 crore gross) and added a huge INR 150 crore gross ($ 23.5 Million) in Overseas till 3rd Sunday (17th day). Thus, cumulative grand total now stands at approx INR 542 crore approx. 

Hence, needing another 58 crore would not be much difficulty now. What's more film is yet to be released in China, Japan and Korea. However it is not clear whether it will release there or not. 

Film has set record in many important circuits in Overseas. There is a big chance that film might set record in US and Canada also the way film is trending right now there. Film is already biggest grosser in UAE and GCC. 

Bajrangi Bhaijaan Worldwide Collection Breakup - 

India - INR 392 crore (292+ crore nett in 17 days).
Overseas - INR 150 crore ($ 23.5 Million in 17 days).

Total (gross) - INR 542 crore in 17 days. 

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  1. 1 ). Pk x'mas. Period. New year celebration includes so many additional holidays like 31st ....n even 1st of jan. i.e. new year plus of course weekend. College n school remains closed. Overall celebrtion period dat too world wide. 2 ). Pk had 3 open weeks more screens in 3rd week While bb has got only 1800 screens in 3rd week. Plus tevar released in fourth week n made no difference to pk as it was flop. 3l ) bb faced tough competition from bahubali n still going strong just d way drishyam facing from bb. 4. Big advantage people waiting for pk bcoz of Rajkumar not for aamir. Big n famous director name had string of success behind like munnabhai series n 3 Idiots. 5. Last year kick n dis year bb facing heavy rainy season n trust me guys dat affects business dis way or dat way. 6. Well all haters u'll come 2 know bhais power in diwali. Dat is actually festival. Prem ratan gonnna crush pk wid in less dan 3 weeks. Sooraj n prem pair is just like cement n concrete.

  2. Biggest super star of our country
    Hats off to Salman Khan

  3. More thn a actor..he s truly human being n lovd by all

  4. Aamir 1st to 100 crs in 2008. He broke his onli record 1st to 200 crs in 2009.Since 2010 onwds it took SK 7 movies n SRK 5 movies to break d 200 crs barrier. N d so cald festive n free run advantage, SK had it way before Aamir in Dabangg 2 wen it came in Xmas 2012. Franchise movie tha, holiday period, 3 weeks free run. But d result in terms of profits it made lesser dan Dabangg. N den Aamir came in 2013 n same conditions n rest was history. Content is king boss, stars onli help in weekend collection if content is bakwaas der vil be drop (best eg: HNY & Jai Ho). BB content is fab so its sustaining. N dir Kabir Khan makes sensibile films if u see his track record. Finally a SK movie in recent tyms wer not south remake or him tearing shirt for no reason.

    1. @gp
      what about talaash...below 100cr in this days...after the great ek tha tiger from bhai....
      tell him to do a big hit without hirani....
      his ghajni was also south remake i think you dont forget that...
      & for dabangg 2 the director was arbaz khan who is nonsense though brother of salman bhai...
      jai ho useless script but still 100cr.. unlike aamir(who needs good script+best director)....
      only salman bhai can make a bad script film to a big hit...
      forget pre wanted season....

  5. Wowwww Simply unstoppable Salman + content = Box Office Records
    Haters Kidhar Ho

  6. 600+ crore worldwide...Lifetime!!!
    320+ in india...Lifetime!!!
    170+ in overseas...Lifetime!!!
    if it will realese in china,japan,korea then collection of overseas market will be 200+ crore (minimum)...
    then it will cross the landmark of 650+ crore Worldwide...sure!!!
    so BB is now 2nd highest grossing movie alltime in india...Done!!!
    Now 4th highest grossing movie alltime in overseas($23.5m) Mnik is at 5th position ($23m)...2nd position of Dhoom 3 ($28m) & 3rd position of 3 idiots ($26m) is in dangerous...!!!

  7. @ Bobby you are right.....PK took advantage of Xmas holidays and its record of highest grosser can be broken only during such period of holiday season....But Bajrangi Bhaijaan has done terrific job even coming closer to its total despite all the odds it faced....There was a time when we were quite sure that it would surpass the mighty total of Pk....Anyhow, anything can happen because the race is not yet over....There is an outside chance that BB may challenge the grand total of PK.....But one thing is for sure and that is the appreciation received by this Salman flick from all and sundry....I have never seen people talking so positively about a movie....And I think this is the greatest achievement of Bajrangi Bhaijaan.....I went yesterday to watch the movie again on 3rd Sunday.....I wasn't expecting a huge crowd as normally after first week the cinema hall rarely gets filled up.....I was really astonished to see the hall jam packed and the people were really excited about the movie.....They were still shouting when Salman made his entry and the excitement was the same which I had experienced when we watched the movie on the third day of Eid.....I have never seen so many people crying at the same time in the cinema hall....After watching the movie, the people were coming out out silently which is not a routine as people normally come out chatting loudly about the contents of the movie....Such is the impact which BB makes upon the audience....BB deserves to break the record of PK but even if it doesn't, we sure know which movie is the real winner....BB would really have broken the record quite easily, had it been released during Xmas and New Year's Eve....But performing at the Box Office despite all these odds is, I think, a terrific achievement....We are proud of our beloved Sallu....

    1. Yeessss...u're absoulately right..nice article. I saw dis movie first time for salman n second time for kabir. Bb really great movie i've ever seen in recent times after 3 idiots. Waiting for 3rd outing of salman kabir. Salman rocks !!!

  8. Salman Khan Is A Biggest Mass pullar In theraters

  9. HNy Lifetime 202 108cr + 94cr only
    Bajrangi Bhaijaan 102cr + 193cr and counting ise kahte hain Record lol
    Overseas 152cr+ and counting ise kahte hai record
    without diwali and xmas new year holidays

  10. love him or hate him but u cant ignore him Salman khan
    u r born to see salman khan rule

  11. Bhai bb Eid pe release hui after Eid Muslim comes out in large no u idiots that's the reason Monday was on par with Tuesday if it was non holiday result would have been like hai ho