March 24, 2015

Gabbar is Back Movie Trailer Review - The First Response.

Akshay Kumar is back to his full massy avatar after a long time with Gabbar is Back. His last out and out mass film was Boss which was released in 2013. That is long time back considering he has 3-4 releases every year. With Boss flopping at box office, Akshay switched to more classy kind of films in recent times with few like Holiday (2014) and Baby (2015) went on to become success and rest being dude at box office. But it is rejoice for all Akshay fans as he is back to full on mass entertainer and it is looking good from the first response.
In last 1-2 years many commercial mass entertainers have seen bombing at box office and that is mainly more due to bad content rather than the genre. Hope 'Gabbar' is unlike those and hope that this one has got good content to drive one. After watching the trailer of Gabbar we give it Thumbs Up. Trailer looks extremely well cut, with great dialogue deliveries from both protagonist and antagonist. Gabbar is a remake of Tamil film Ramanaa (2002). Gabbar trailer suggest that film has got more than just run of mill massy action. Coming to music, there is no such mention of it in trailer. Massy film needs good music as support to go by and keep the buzz high. There is no song promo in the trailer and hope we get few good ones in coming days.

Film Synopsis - Gabbar is back movie is a story of a man remorselessly wronged by the establishment. One freak incident results in everything he held dear taken away from him. Predictably, the system doesn't seem to care - let alone resolve. That's when Ajay (AK) takes matters in his own hands. An underground vigilante army, a secret identity, an elaborate modus...all of these combined make a 'GABBAR' - a true hero, with dreadful villainous instincts. 

Gabbar is bound to get big opening courtesy the genre and also the release date. Film is set to get biggest opening of the year easily with Friday being May day. Film will enjoy great opening weekend with two days being Holiday in first three days. But it is now upto the content which will determine whether film will have a say in long run or not. Recent times seen that massy film might have taken big opening at box office, but fizzled out soon after 3-4 days of running. Hope that is not the case with Gabbar.

Those who have not watched the trailer still kindly check in the below link and give us your feedback about the trailer - 

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  1. Bakwas Trailer. It is copy paste from Khiladi786, Special26, Himmatwala, Boss, Holiday, Action Jakson and many flops of akshay & ajay movies. Bombay Velvet trailer was better than it.

  2. Great trailer... Its good to see Akshay doing great movies like Holiday, Baby and Now Gabbar. At the end of the year 2015, everyone would realize that it was Akshay's year both critically and commercially.

  3. Entertainment and Holiday were also massy/commercial entertainers. They weren't offbeat like baby

  4. Superb Trailer
    For sure Super Hit 120 crore