February 26, 2015

What 'Badlapur' Teaches 'Baby' and Other Latest Bollywood Releases

In recent years film budget have just gone over the board. Main reason is exorbitant production cost and star prices. It is not that every film is doing fabulously well, but reason is hike in Satellite Right prices in last 4-5 years. But from last year with dip in TRPs of new films, TV Channels are not willing to pay the price makers demand for Satellite rights. Because of that now most of the revenues are needed to be recovered from theaters itself and films are failing to do so. 

What surprising is a film like Baby which has received positive review from almost every corner is fighting hard just to break even, forget the profits. Baby is trending decently for weeks. Film has collected over 95 crore nett in India, but because of high cost is finding tough to make profit. 

In midst all of these Badlapur has come as a breathe of fresh air at box office. Film is almost certain to make profit for all associated with project. It is not that film has taken whirlwind start at box office or trended exceptionally well. Reason is film controlled budget. This is the lesson need to be learn by the makers of other films. Badlapur is made on a total budget of 25 crore and if not all, most of the amount will be recovered from India theatrical itself. This is rarity nowadays. Plus film is doing well in overseas and also add revenues earn from Satellite and other non-theatrical rights.

If Badlapur cost control model had been followed by say Baby or other recent releases then those film might also been in Clean Hit category. Film like Baby which is for niche audiences and specially work in plexes should be made on controlled budget. Had film budget been within 50 crore, then it would have easily been the first Clean Hit of the year. 

Better late than never. Hope producers will look into these factors in coming days and try to control their investment. They no need to cut on production quality part and content. But they can easily save around 5-10 crore itself from reducing unnecessary promotions.

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  1. please dont compare badlapur with baby, baby is way better than badlapur

    1. If you are talking simply from the point of screenwriting, direction and acting Badlapur is a way better film than Baby. Baby is perhaps better in action choreography, cinematography and a pulsating background score.
      But then both the films belong to diverse genres and have different target audiences, so yes they cannot be compared. However do not just be blinded by your love for particular stars. That's what has been pushing our industry backward for a quite while now. Star worship.

  2. What kind of comparison is this?
    Baby is class apart n Badlapur is just another average movie

  3. for me its complete shocking as Baruah said film need 70 crores to be on safe side but now with his 95 crores the films is still a loser mera to dimag kaam nahin kar raha hai or Baruah pagal ho gaya hai mujhe school mein fir se Maths siknah parega ya Baruah ko jana chahiye together with Samtaram, Viraat and bro

  4. Baby is different Class movie and Badlapur is different and i watched both the movies and liked very much.

  5. @ kaustav, you are correct star worship is major hindrance as due to that bollywood is not evolving. movies like udaan, ugly, baby, badlapur, citylights are way better than craps like kick, chennai express, singham returns, rowdy rathore etc etc