November 13, 2014

Happy New Year touches 200 in India and crosses 350 Worldwide. Celebration Begins.

Happy New Year has crossed 350 crore mark Worldwide and thus, become few of the selected films ever to do so. It is now the 2nd film of the year to go over 350 after Kick. HNY has collected around $ 15 [INR 92+ crore] in Overseas till latest. In addition to that film has grossed around INR 265 crore [INR 200 crore nett] in India. Thus, HNY total Worldwide collection is been around 357 crore gross. 

Makers have also confirmed the excellent news for film crossing 350 crore Worldwide. Now it is chasing Kick Worldwide gross of around INR 372 crore. It will be touch and go for the film. HNY is certain to go over 360-365 crore. But will be touch and go for 370 crore mark as significant run in India theatrical is coming to an end. Yes, film might collect few more but may not be in significant range and at most will be around another 5 crore more say. 
Overseas film might touch 100 crore gross but that again will be touch and go. Anyways this is extremely good news and celebration time begins. In India, HNY is to settle for 2nd biggest grosser of the year which is also fantastic.

India - 200* crore nett [265* crore gross]
Overseas - $15 Million [92*+ crore gross]

Total - 357 crore gross.

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  1. I said already, it's Farah Khan movie. I was not expecting much. Don't worry Shahrukh. If you have no highest grosser since last 7 years. Main Hoo Na.

    1. lol u must be a salman fan. y would srk worry? the film's crossed 200cr n is a superhit n blockbuster overseas. main hoon na was only a hit n TMK was semi-hit so hny's done better than them two.

    2. n srk was experiment from 2010-12 n in 2013 CE released in the same year as a dhoom film (biggest franchise ever) thats y his films werent the highest grossers. CE, OSO, RNBDJ were still the highest grossing films of their time, something salman hasnt done since 1994. Aamir didnt have a single highest grosser of the year for 12 years since 1996.

  2. Hip hip hurrey
    hip hip hurrey
    hip hip hurrey
    We love u king srk

  3. Happy New Year was so disastrous that Indiawale are changing their nationality to Americawale or Australiawale or even Pakistanwale.

  4. Look how many dislikes u have in happy new year. Ghanta 200 cr.

  5. Worldwide highest grosser of the year is kickk 379 cr no one can touch this
    In India 235 cr highest grosser in India
    Yeahhhh kickkkkkkk

  6. Kick 379 cr
    Hny. Max to max 365
    Again ahead kickkkkkk highest collection worldwide

  7. according to times of india and some other bollywood trade site HNY is already the biggest grosser of the year.HNY is now in number 4 at all time biggest grosser list right after Dhoom 3,chennai express, & 3 idiot with over 379 crore and still counting...

  8. @ankur 200.5 cr nett is equal to 289 gross hence the total collection is 289+90= 289 cr, so HNY has already crossed KICK and it is the TOP GROSSER for 2014.

  9. Happy New Year may have made it to the 200 crore a little slowly in the domestic circuit, but the film is going way strong in the overseas circuit. After collecting 200.50 crores) at the India box office, the film has collected 15 million in the International markets. The film has now grossed 379 crores worldwide.

    Happy New Year and Kick Movie Poster

    Interestingly, the film has now surpassed the worldwide collections of Krrish 3 and Kick. In spite of being quite lower when it comes to the domestic collections of both Kick andKrrish 3, thanks to the excellent business from overseas, Happy New Year has beaten both the films at the worldwide box office.

    Bollywood’s Top Worldwide 

  10. omg 92cr in oversear
    50-50% chances of cross 100cr in overseas
    3rd for srk ...

  11. Kick gross collection 377cr
    hny goss collection 379 cr
    hny allready kick ko cross kar chuki h idiot.addatoday ke alaqa bhi duniya me aur kuchh h.apni aankhe to kholo aur web search karo.salman pahle bhi looser tha aur ab bhi looser h aur uske fan bhi looser hain overseas me kpi bhi king se aage nahi nikal skta smjhe

  12. hny crossed 380cr till third wednesday and finishes around 390-400cr

  13. HNY don’t deserve 200 crore. I think we must consider every aspects of a movie not only business. HNY is the crappiest movie of the decade. Jaya Bachchan Madam also said that Happy New Year is the most nonsensical film of the year. About box-office BOI says Forget Kick. HNY won't be able to beat even YJHD.

  14. I strongly believe HNY is best entertainer of this year, it will make you laugh like.anything. Kick and dhoom3 were pathetic and boring movies. but idiot critics gave good reviews to these movies and bad to HNY out of jealousy and due to which movie business was impacted. HNY is now 380 crore worldwide nd not 357 cr, it is blockbuster both in India as well as overseas. SRK is now undisputed no 1 as he has given back to back two 200 crores which no other actor has so far achieved .

  15. neeraj I don't think u have any work only singing praise of kick how much ,%age u got from kick

  16. World wide collection of kick has been broken

  17. Shah Rukh’s Happy New Year Beats Salman’s Kick’s Worldwide Collections

  18. Rank

    Movie Name

    Domestic Collections (Nett) in Rs. crores

    Domestic Collections (Gross) in Rs. crores

    International US Dollar Millions

    Dollar Rate During The Respective Year

    International Collections in Rs. Crores

    Total (Gross) Collection Rs. Crores


    Dhoom3 (2013)


    28 million


    170 542

    Chennai Express



    19.30 million





    3 Idiots



    25 million + 1 million [when released in Japan (June 2013)]

    47 & USD 60 (for June 2013)

    120 + 6 (after June 2013) = 126



    Happy New Year



    15.00 million






    233.00 309.89 11.10 million 61 67.58



    Krrish 3



    9.00 million





    Bang Bang

    181.03 261 13.11 million 60 79



    Ek Tha Tiger



    10.15 million




  19. Hny 200= 289 then why
    Kick 233= 309 only diffrence of 19 cr
    If we compare net collection kick is ahead of 33 cr

  20. HNY threatical run is almost finished nw...stop barkening all srk fans n accept the truth...kick record is safe nw in indai..n highest grosser of worldwide 2014...HNY will finished 365 cr world wide its kick time cheerss guyzz...:)

  21. domestic box office top 2014- kick
    overseas box office top 2014- Happy New Year
    top worldwide grosser 2014- Happy New Year
    all time biggest grosser list top 5
    Rank-1: Dhoom 3
    Rank-2: Chennai express
    Rank-3: 3 idiot
    Rank-4: Happy New Year
    Rank-5: Kick

    now its time to see what Aamir khan can do with his PK in this Christmas....
    i think only 3 khans can beat each other in box all khans fan just relax and enjoy the success of your star without hurting other khans fan.....

  22. Kabuter ke aankhe band kar lene se toofan tal nahi jayega.hny gross collectionab tak383+ ho chuka h magar kuch stupids ko itna gahra sadma laga h ki wo ise bardasht hi nahi kar pa rahe.are murkhon abhi to hny 400 cr gross pahuchegi tb kahan munh chhupaoge tum.tumhare jaiso ke pichwade par kickkkkkkk padne wali hi, samjhe naaa kickkkkk

  23. Kick on top highest grosser worldwide 379 cr
    Highest in domestic 235 cr
    Kickkkkkk best marketed film of the year
    Without slamtour

  24. slam tour ke 20cr budget me add kiye gye hai but 45cr ki earning collection me kyu nhi add kiye gye...

  25. 1st day record-hny 45 cr
    weekend rcrd-hny.109cr
    top 5 in india
    2- k3
    3- kick
    4- ce
    top 5 highest grosser-
    1-d3 542cr
    2-ce 422 cr
    3-3 idiot 395 cr
    4- hny 385 cr( still running)
    5-kick 377cr.

    Aur koi record kick ke naam nahi h.srk have 2 movie in tip 5 in domestic as well as pleeeeas stop barkings and accept this truth that srk is the only king in india and in overseas

  26. srk best..................two back to back 200 cr in india.......................

  27. vishakarma kya farzi bc kar rahe ho
    Kick ass has been broken

  28. Kickkkkkk ki paddo to kabki phad di h hny ne mano ya na mano isse kya fark padta h.
    Hny now 390 cr