October 28, 2014

Happy New Year 5th Day (Tuesday) Collection Trends, Steady.

Happy New Year is very much steady in its weekdays as Tuesday early trends are coming in. Film has registered a drop in the region of 13-15% from yesterday specially in plexes, which is pretty ok. That means HNY is heading for another big day at box office. 

HNY started the day with 20-25% occupancy in Morning shows. After that film showed jump in Noon time. Film further showed jump from Evening onward as family audiences again come to theater in numbers and in fact Night shows reported occupancy in the region of 40%+ which is fantastic considering film is released in wide scale.

Few places are absolutely steady from yesterday with more or less same collections, whereas few showed bigger drop.

Occupancy Report of HNY for Tuesday Night shows -

Delhi - 55-60% [20-25% N, 20% M]
Gurgaon - 25-30% [20-25% N, 10-15% M]
Mumbai - 45-50% [20-25% N, 20% M]
Pune - 25% [25% N, 25% M]
Hyderabad - 40-45% [35-40% N, 30% M]
Lucknow - 40-45% [50% N, 25-30% M]
Kanpur - 20% [30 N, 20-25% M]

Note: N =  Noon, M = Morning

Coming to HNY Tuesday collection report. It is too early to make any prediction, but looking at early trends film should collect in the region of around 12-13 crore nett mark. That means HNY 5 day total collection is now heading for 135-136+ crore nett which is fantastic. Final number will vary depending on major single screen report which is still to be received.

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  1. appy New Year Four Days Box Office Collection : Decent Monday
    Happy New Year Four Days Box Office Collection

    15.01 Crore (Producer Figure)
    12.25 Crore (Trade Figure)

    4 Days Total:
    112.16 Crore (Trade Figure)
    123.87 Crore (Producer Figure)

    Producer Figure breakup:
    118.82 Crore ( Hindi)
    5.05 Crore (Tamil +Telugu)

    Trade Figure breakup:
    109.05 Crore ( Hindi)
    3.11 Crore (Tamil +Telugu)

    Day 4 Comparison:
    Kick did 13.16 Crore, Dhoom 3 did 19.55 Crore while Chennai Express did 12.1 Crores on its Day 4 ( All Trade figures)

    Happy New year had a weak start in the morning but has picked up in evening and night shows.

    Overall drop is more than 50% from Sunday which is not good trend.

    Gujarat which is also boosted by partial Holidays on Monday and Tuesday is helping the total numbers otherwise drop would be little more.

    Mass centers and single screens are not holding up well while multiplexes remain decent.

    Overseas is also lower than expected with Happy New Year gross coming lower than Chennai Express.

    While the first weekend was exceptional the real test are the weekdays


  2. Kick vs Chennai Express Box Office Day Wise Collections
    Movie Summary
    Chennai Express
    Budget +P&A Rs 125 Crore Rs 130 Crore
    Lifetime Worldwide Collections (Producer Figure ) 376.14 Crore Rs 422 Crore
    Lifetime Worldwide Collections (Trade Figure) 357.24 Crore Rs 395 Crore
    Lifetime Producer figure India Rs 232.2 Crore* Rs 227.13 Crore
    Lifetime Trade figure India Rs 216.84 Crore* Rs 208.44 Crore
    Lifetime Overseas $11 Mn $ 19 Mn
    Daywise Summary India (Trade Figure) Kick Chennai Express
    Paid Previews Not Applicable Rs 6 Crore
    Day 1 Rs 25.99 Crore Rs 30.48 Crore
    Day 2 Rs 25.98 Crore Rs 26.43 Crore
    Day 3 Rs 30.04 Crore Rs 30.32 Crore
    Day 4 Rs 13.16 Crore Rs 12.1 Crore
    Day 5 Rs 26.02 Crore Rs 11.1 Crore
    Day 6 Rs 20.33 Crore Rs 11.7 Crore
    Day 7 Rs 14.02 Crore Rs 19.25 Crore
    Day 8 Rs 8.32 Crore Rs 5.8 Crore
    Day 9 Rs 9.72 Crore Rs 7.7 Crore
    Day 10 Rs 13.53 Crore Rs 9.9 Crore
    Day 11 Rs 4.73 Crore Rs 3.6 Crore
    Day 12 Rs 3.97 Crore Rs 6.2 Crore
    Day 13 Rs 3.89 Crore Rs 4.3 Crore
    Day 14 Rs 3.8 Crore Rs 3.25 Crore
    Day 15 to End of Run Rs 8.27 Crore Rs 17.01 Crore
    Total Rs 211.76 Crore* Rs 208.44 Crore
    Daywise Summary India (Producer Figure) Kick Chennai Express
    Paid Previews Not Applicable Rs 6.75 Crore
    Day 1 Rs 26.4 Crore Rs 33.12 Crore
    Day 2 Rs 27.15 Crore Rs 28.05 Crore
    Day 3 Rs 30.18 Crore Rs 32.5 Crore
    Day 4 Rs 14.41 Crore Rs 12.62 Crore
    Day 5 Rs 28.89 Crore Rs 11.5 Crore
    Day 6 Rs 21.66 Crore Rs 12.56 Crore
    Day 7 Rs 15.4 Crore Rs 19.6 Crore
    Day 8 Rs 9.22 Crore Rs 6.5 Crore
    Day 9 Rs 10.62 Crore Rs 8.51 Crore
    Day 10 Rs 14.18 Crore Rs 10.22 Crore
    Day 11 Rs 5.08 Crore Rs 3.8 Crore
    Day 12 Rs 4.21 Crore Rs 7.06 Crore
    Day 13 Rs 3.91 Crore Rs 4.51 Crore
    Day 14 Rs 3.8 Crore Rs 3.25 Crore
    Day 15 to End of Run Rs 9.85 Crore Rs 16.1 Crore
    Total Rs 225.63 Crore* Rs 227.13 Crore

    Trade Figure: Means Collections found by summing up the box office collection figures provided by each cricuit distributors,exhibitors and multiplex owners.

    Producer Figure: Official Figures given out by producers of the movie is usually found to be higher than trade

  3. Trending is gud nt excellent... Gud news for all Srk fans.... Nw first week total somewhere around 155cr n it will b nearing 200cr by end of 2nd week..... Nd haters r saying that it is a flop..... Joke of the century....it is also going chennai express way.... It will b somewhere bw ce n kick lifetime collection... May b little less than ce or may b bw them or may b little higher than kick... Lets celebrate its success srkians

    1. lol..then what abut 300 crores..? what abut Dhoom 3 lifetime record..? oh shit man...u srk fans lost again..so sad...hahaha

  4. abe kick ki 235cr hai * means counting at that time,this data was of kick running time

  5. Superb r u mad or what.... Srk ki movie aati hai to Sb yahi sochte hain ki ye highest grosser bnegi Aajtk ki... Sahi hai Yrrr Srk ka stardom hi Aesa hai ki hr baar aesi hi umeed hoti hai movie se..... Movie Blockbuster hone wali hai hum Srk fans isse Bahut khush hain..... Dhoom 3 ka record nahi tootega koi ni... Beshak ho skta hai kick ka bhi na toote pr movie to Blockbuster bnn gai.... Kick ka record toot jaae to bdhia na toote to bhi koi ni... Tum log to movie ki releasing se pehle Tees maar khan 2 bta re the jo 200cr to Aese hi paar kr gai..... Kb akal aaegi haters tumhe.... AgR kick ko paar krti hai to Sallu fans ko bhi koi dukh ni hona chahiye kyunki Sallu ki agli movie fir hny se fir aage nikl jayegi.... Dono superstar hain.... To record kick ka toot jaae to we Srk fans will celebrate AgR nahi to will b neutral... Cheers