October 2, 2014

Haider Takes Good Opening on First Day (Thursday) Morning Shows.

Haider has taken good opening on Thursday (1st day) Morning shows in multiplexes despite clashing with Bang Bang which is also releasing today. Film has limited screening and that is big issue. However good occupancy will ensure a decent opening day and after that will depend on word of mouth for long run. Advantage for Haider is film is getting 5 days flat Holiday release and that should make up for lost screens at box office.

Haider has opened to very good occupancy of 70-75% in Delhi and Gurgaon in Morning shows. Occupancy in Mumbai is on lower side with 35-40% reported for Morning shows. But jump is expected there as today is Holiday. Lucknow is also reporting good occupancy of around 45-50% for Morning shows. Film is set to show further growth as day progresses as today is National Holiday.
Haider is affected much from releasing simultaneously with Bang Bang than later one. Reason, film has got limited screening of around 1300-1400. Had it got solo it would have easily crossed screen count of 2000 at least. Anyways that is now a gone point and hope that film ripe the benefit of Holiday Weekend release now.

Occupancy Report for Haider Thursday Morning Shows (Multiplexes only) - 

Delhi - 75%
Gurgaon - 70%
Mumbai - 35-40%
Lucknow - 45-50%

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  1. its m inimum 70% for kolkata.Please update

  2. शाहिद ने साबित कर दिया है कि वह बेहतरीन अदाकार पंकज कपूर के बेटे हैं.
    फिल्‍म में शाहिद की चुप्‍पी, उनका गुस्‍सा, उनका पागलपन सब आपको गहराई से छूएगा.