October 1, 2014

Bang Bang vs Haider Screen Count A Day before Release.

Fierce threatening and clash is going on between production houses to allocate screens for their respective big release this massive weekend with Holiday galore at box office. Without naming any one, a big production house is reporting extreme steps for its upcoming big releases and is threatening to severe ties with few exhibitors if expected screening it does not get at box office tomorrow.

Now coming to screen allocation Bang Bang is leading way ahead of Haider as far as screening is concerned specially in multiplexes. It is around 70:30 to 75:25 ratio in plexes with Bang Bang being the leader. In Single Screens currently Haider is leading from Bang Bang but by tomorrow morning its looks like 45-55 to 50-50 with Haider may be slightly ahead or in similar position with Bang Bang.

Trend suggest Bang Bang might get around 3300-3500 screens in India alone. Whereas Haider may be left with around 1400-1600 screens. These are approximations right now and still allocations are going on.

With massive Holiday period coming in, both film should benefit from it in long run. Only dent is now that Bang Bang might have missed the opportunity to set opening day record which is very much on grasp. There should not be any dent in lifetime business of both the film as long Holiday period will make for it.

Note - Screen Allocation permutation and combination is still going on and stay tuned for actual screen count which will be reported accordingly in coming time.

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