October 11, 2014

Bang Bang 2nd Friday (9th Day) Collection

Bang Bang has collected around 4 crore nett on 2nd Friday (9th day) at box office as per estimates. Film registered a big drop from 2nd Thursday which is not so good for the film. Already film performed little below expectations in first weekdays and further dent on 2nd Friday is alarming for the film. Film will now collect at most 15-16 crore nett in second weekend with good jump which is below par for such biggie. Bang Bang total collection after 9 days is approx 138.5 crore nett mark.

Bang Bang enjoyed 4-5 days of Holiday in first week and that ensured big numbers in first few days. After that film is just registering drop with each passing day. Now it seems that film will cross 160 crore nett in coming days, but may find it tough to collect significant after that. Lifetime collection may wrap up in the region of 165-170 crore nett which is much below expectation as film was one of the sure shot films which should have touched 200 crore in India alone after such a rollicking start.

Collection Breakup - 

1st Week (8 days) - 134.6 crore nett.
2nd Friday - 4 crore nett (est).

Total - 138.6 crore nett (approx)

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  1. Remembering the day when Bang Bang teaser came & ppl were like wow what a teaser, 300 cr for sure. Lulz

    1. lol who said 300cr for sure? maybe 200cr but did anyone actually say 300cr?


  2. • Drop is a huge 85% from last Friday which was the second day of the film.
    • It is huge despite no competition from the new releases.
    • Bang Bang will struggle to put up a strong second week total and the film is unlikely to hit the 150 crore nett.
    • The cracks were there in the collections earlier but holidays in various parts of the country made the all India daily collections reasonable.
    • Second weekend of the film is liely to be around the 13 crore nett mark.
    • Second Friday collections are less than Kick, Holiday - A Solidier IS Never Off Duty, 2 States, Singham Returns and Jai Ho.
    • Second Friday is nearly 50% less than what Hrithik Roshan's last film Krrish 3 grossed on its second Friday.


    1. Yeah dude keep copying and pasting articles from a bogus,redundant box office site and pacifying yourself. Something that illiterate fans of fake abs Khan thriving on pungent smelling shit like Bodyguard and Ready are experts at.

    2. It's a bogus and redundant site because you can't accept the fact that bang bang dropped a lot on its 2nd friday? BOI is quite accurate.

  3. There was never any hype from this movie other than Hrithik's or KJO's friends hyping. This movie is big flop like Krish 3 which was also not 200 crore grosser but then producer denied but later get exposed. Hrithik is not mass puller like Khan. But again people are already bringing success party which is irony.

    1. Without hype a film can't do 25cr+ on the first day....it was the content that let it down and caused the film to drop...