September 4, 2014

Mary Kom Set for Big Release. Screen Count and Running Time Details.

Mary Kom is set for huge release across India this Friday that is tomorrow. As per early reports film is going to get one of the biggest releases of 2014 and on par with big films. Film is easily the biggest release if only female centric films are taken in account. Also Priyanka Chopra has big following and no doubt that she will one of the USP of the film.

Film release is on par with recent big release Entertainment as far as screening is concerned. Obviously it is below Singham Returns and Kick, but of course that was on different buzz level. In cities like Delhi and Mumbai which are big draw nowadays, film has got big screening. When multiplexes are considered film has managed on par or better screen count then Entertainment.
Mary Kom is carrying good buzz. Film is given U certificate by Censor Board, that means family audiences can come out in numbers to watch this flick. Also, film has become Tax Free in states like Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh and Assam. Film is a biopic on legendary Indian Boxer Mary Kom. Trade response is excellent for the film as special screening is already held. And that is one reason exhibitors are excited about the film.

Coming to screen count, film is getting on par release with biggest films in multiplexes. Single screens will be little lower than those films for sure. Still screen allocation is going on, but looking at trends don't be surprised if film gets 3000+ screens release by tomorrow morning. A bare minimum of 2800+ screens is almost certain because of huge screening in Multiplexes.

Film running time is around 2 hours.

So, wait is coming to an end as Mary Kom is set for big release tomorrow.

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