September 7, 2014

First Look of Shah Rukh Khan with 8 Pack Abs for Happy New Year

So, here is presenting Shah Rukh Khan with eight packs abs for upcoming film Happy New Year which is set for release on Diwali 2014. 

Earlier lot of news is floating in media that SRK will be seen in 8 packs for his upcoming Diwali Masalathan. Previously SRK showed six packs in Om Shanti Om back then in 2007. Now he has gone one step ahead to show 8 packs for his latest. 

Coincidentally OSO also happened to star Deepika Padukone in the film and again she is there in HNY. Also, Farah Khan is the director of OSO and now HNY. Looks like SRK has great taste for Farah as director and Deepika as co-star. They made him go to the full distance again.

SRK is looking absolutely Hot dude even at the age of 48 with 8 packs. Do tell us your though about his physique for the movie. Can't wait to see him endorsing 8 packs in the film as still about one month and half left for release of the movie. Bring it on!

Here's First Look Picture of Shah Rukh Khan with 8 packs.

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  1. Nyccc to see Srk working so hard on his physic just like hritik or amir do according to the movies.... Doing full justice to the role n luking fab

  2. 8 packs in 48 year old ..unbelievable ...stunning ..rocking ..this guy really hard working man...hats you srk...can't wait @hny..

  3. This is Good surprise will boost movie prospects more...and yes #SRKrocksolid...

  4. Srk tumne ek baar phir sabit kar doliya ki bollywood kw asli king tum hi ho.shandaar u king srk

  5. SRKians are saying SRK has made 8 packs, BombayTimes says 10 packs. RedChillies Ent VFX aap hi bata do saachai.

  6. SRK’s Fake Packs remind me of His Dedh Pasli. But Sachee mein jisne bhee who photoshop kiya mast kiya…srk to sirf ciggie packs jaanta hai… 8 pack toh had hee hogayee

  7. Hum Toh Dubenge Sanam Lekin Tumhein Bhi Saath Le Dubenge.
    Farah Khan To SRK :D

  8. Lol Ek pic Dekh Ke 300 Cr For HNY. SRKians ki soch Eienstien se bhi Tej Hai

  9. It seems Red Chillies didn't worked on his chest and biceps LMAO