September 16, 2014

Bang Bang promotion - A new trend or a suicidal attempt!

We are in an era where film's business can reach a monumental height by only depending on its promotional activities. Tacky trailer, soothing song promo, city tour have become quite obvious for a big budget films to score. Big star or Starlet none wants to get lagging in this department. Each and every record breaking film is piggy backing on it. This year we found Ek Villain, Mary Kom, Finding Fanny etc films are extremely well promoted and performing good at box office. Happy New Year and PK are also in the same track. It's clear that if a film has to open big its promotion should be top notch.

2nd October of 2014 looks interesting for movie lovers as two of this year's most anticipating movies are clashing on that day. One is Fox Star Studio's Hrithik Roshan and Katrina Kaif starrer Bang Bang and another is Utv Film's Shahid Kapoor and Shraddha Kapoor starrer Haider. There had been always big advantages of Haider when the clash was announced. Firstly India's top production house Utv is producing it. Utv did masters in promoting films rightly. Secondly Utv also had this year's biggest blockbuster Kick and also producing PK so they had an alluring deal with distributors and exhibitors. The exhibitors and distributors were satisfied with deal as the situation was win-win for both parties. On the other hand Fox had disastrous Humshakals and a good Finding Fanny but their biggest bet had always been Bang Bang. When the first teaser of Bang Bang released the anticipation for the film looms higher. Public went gaga seeing Hrithik Katrina in the film. Fox was also got satisfied, they didnot go further and after fifteen days the buzz died out. Then they released Tu Meri, the first song people started dancing again. The songs topped the chart and all goes well. Few days later Fox released the second song of the filmed named Meherbaan and the song received extremelly well but a new film with quite higher buzz started gobbling the market. Now Fox lost their track and yet to find the way to promote it aggresively. They might do that but Bang Bang has only two weeks. Is this marketting strategy justified? The question arises.

1. In 2012 Ek Tha Tiger and last year Dhoom3 did not reveal much of their film parts as it makes people more curious. People went in the theater to see the film after their half fulfilled desire made by the teasers. Bang Bang makers may go this way but they must know both the films were from YRF. Their promotion and Digital film releases became a phenomena. For Dhoom3 it was easy for them because Dhoom is India's biggest brand. If Fox thought after getting the tremendous responses from public for teasers, songs they shall do the same of Dhoom 3 they might get a big bummer.

2. These days when a shop's hoarding is decorated with new styles, the trade cries of street food sellers became louder the decision by Fox for Bang Bang looks dull. Fox is clashing, Bang Bang budget is higher and with clash and the big budget the effort for less promoting looks no sense. If Fox tries to start it from today the film can't reach the anticipated buzz level because the buzz level is occupied by another big film. So the film which can be a threat to all big grossers had been killed with amateurish hands. TV promos of Bang Bang are less frequent too.

These two points clearly indicating that Bang Bang can't do big with promotions. It is totally dependent on Hrithik's and Katrina's star power. In metro cities it will do big but in small cities it has a pale chance only. I hope it does well on box office but looks tough. Now it is upto audience to show whether this non promoting promotions worked or not.

Guest Post by Soudip Chatterjee
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  1. Bang Bang will definitely collect more than 150 crore

  2. Stardom ho toh Salman Khan Jaisa warna naa ho. No promotion, No Big Banner & No Big Actress. But 233 Crore.

    1. No doubt salman has the biggest stardom in India currently...mass fan following....but first Kick was very well promoted film and second Nadiadwalas and UTv are very big banners by no means they are smaller....give some credit to the movie also otherwise why not jai ho collected 200 cr...We are always in line to give all credits to stars thats not fair...

  3. Bang Bang is not doing the right promotions .....they will be do bussiness without also but promotions may have added in that...still 15 days left...enough time ...