August 17, 2014

Singham Returns Movie Review (No Spoiler). Ratings - 4.25/5.

Singham Returns (2014) is a sequel to the super hit Singham (2011). Singham was loved by majority of public so the expectations are high from this sequel. Rohit Shetty and Ajay Devgn blockbuster jodi is back which gave us so many blockbusters in the past. Here’s the non-spoiler review of Singham Returns.

In short, Singham Returns is surely the finest Rohit Shetty film, the most sensible one (with a message) of all his movies and is one of the best Ajay Devgn film till date. Those who loved and adored Wanted, Dabangg, Singham are sure in for the treat.
Acting - Ajay Devgn is brilliant as usual. He reprises his role as Bajirao Singham and he gives a stellar performance once again as the super cop. There's no one who can replace him as Bajirao. One can simply go and watch Singham Returns for Ajay Devgn. Singham to him is what Chulbul Pandey to Salman. Cult figures. Kareena Kapoor plays her part well but has a limited screen presence. Her role as Lady Singham is hilarious. 

Amole Gupte and Zakin Hussain did a fine job in their negative roles but nowhere near Prakash Raaj's (Jaykanth Shikre) standards. And there's Dayanand Shetty (Daya of CID). Naam toh suna hi hoga. Watch out for the part when Bajirao Singham shouts out - "Darwaaza Tod Do Daya" and he breaks it. Watching him doing that on big screen is Too Much Fun. Audience went full mad and cheered him so loud ke kaan phatt gaye the mere us waqt (ears burst in loud noise).

Action - Action wise this is the best Bollywood masala film. Too much of action. Those who don't like watching action films, should stay away from Singham Returns. There are many nonstop bullet firing and hand-on-hand fight scenes through out the film.

Story - Simple. Fight against corruption and corrupt netas (leaders).

Dialogues - Brilliant. At par with Singham. Gone are those days when "Aata Maajhi Satakli" and "Aali Re Aali Aata Tujhi Baari Aali" used to be the trademark dialogues of Bajirao. These are now - "Main Leta Nahin, Deta Hoon", "Seedhi Baat Sabki Ulti Ginti Chaalu", "Teri Kundali Mere Haath Mein Tabse Hai Jabse Tu Gaeity Galaxy Theatre Ke Bahar Ticket Black Karta Tha". Each of these dialogues are clap worthy.

Music - There was no need of any song in the film still they kept one romantic track between Ajay-Kareena which is average. Background score is superb. Too energetic and goes well with the pace of the film.

Direction - There is no doubt that this is Rohit Shetty's most sensible work till date. He tried to keep film very simple and believable. His direction and the way he presented the movie is great. Captured Mumbai so beautifully that no other director in the past did. Check out the stunning aerial view shots of Colaba (South Mumbai), action scenes unfolding on the Bandra Worli Sea Link and the scene where 47,000 Mumbai Policemen come out to protest and fight against corrupt neta towards the end. And yes there is no unnecessary typical Rohit Shetty style car flying stunts in Singham Returns.

Best Scenes

1) When Ajay tries to save a Politician from terrorists. Forget action just listen to the Machine Gun bullet firing for 30 seconds nonstop. Nerve chilling sound effects. Kudos to the sound effects team.
2)  Gun battle scene and missile explosions that takes place on the Bandra Worli Sea Link - Jaw dropping. This will go down as one of the most stunningly shot action sequence in the history of Bollywood.

Final Verdict - 'Jisme hai dum toh fakt Bajirao Singham. Aa gaya Singham, Chaa gaya Singham'. This time his Roar is even Louder. Go watch Singham Returns for Ajay Devgn, interesting screenplay and power-packed action sequences. Experience the loudest of screams and applause in a jam-packed theatre because the film is full of clap worthy moments. Worth spending every penny.

Rating - 4.25/5 Sure shot BLOCKBUSTER!

Guest Post by  - Tejan Shrivastava
Twitter Id - @BeingTeJan

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  1. Chaa gaya bajirao singham.... Fab

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  3. Nice review for an excellent movie: Singham Returns is worth watch

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    admin tum singham ke review me bhi salman ki baat bich me hi dal rahe ho
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