August 24, 2014

Mardaani Shows Big Jump on Saturday Collection.

Mardaani have registered big jump on Saturday Collection and has collected around 4.75 crore nett. Film registered a good jump of around 35% from first day which is fantastic. What's more report of the film is good and expect another big jump on Sunday by the film now.

Mardaani started decently on day one and showed positive sign on 2nd day. Trend suggest film should go further up on 3rd day and post good first weekend numbers at box office. Film is facing tough fight from another successfully running big film in Singham Returns and fighting tooth and nail with it. That in itself is good news for the film as it has only got face value in Rani Mukerji and nothing else.

Earlier in the year we had a huge success in Queen which also starred a female lead in Kangana Ranaut. Let's hope that Mardaani goes the same way and make it another success story of the year starring a female lead.

Mardaani has collected around 8.25 crore nett in first two days. Sunday should be easily bigger than Saturday and that means film is heading for first weekend of 13.5-14 crore nett mark, which will be very good.

Collection Breakup - 

Friday - 3.5 crore nett.
Saturday - 4.75 crore nett.

Total - 8.25 crore nett (approx).

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  1. Great collections..... Thanks 2 Indian audience tht a gud movie is appreciated n they r not only running behind big stars.... Great 2 see a hit in mardaani

  2. "औरत की जगह निचे होती है और मर्द की उपर इसीलिये मर्द चड़ता है औरत पर "यही डायलोग एक मर्द बोलता है रानी से जब रानी के हाथ-पैर बन्धे होते हैं।

    और अन्त मे रानी अपनी रिवाल्वर फेन्क कर ललकारती है "..आ....चड़ मुझपर देखू कितनी ताकत है तुझ मे"

  3. पुरुषप्रधान सामाजिक सोच पर #मरदानी एक बहुत ही झन्नाटेदार थप्पड़ है।

    मेरी तरफ से इस मरदानी को ५ मे से ५ स्टार।

  4. अगर रानी मुखर्जी की #मरदानी देख लोगे न तो,,

    तुम्हे तुम्हारे मर्द होने की गलतफहमी दूर हो जाएगी