August 7, 2014

Kick 2nd Thursday (14th Day) and 2nd Week Collection Update. Heading for Huge 50 crore.

Kick is just unstoppable at box office even on 2nd Thursday (14th Day) and thus in second week. Film is absolutely steady and thus now heading for a huge 50 crore nett. Film trending is superb unlike other big budget films which shows drop in collection after the opening weekend. Kick remained stable in 1st weekdays. After that film showed big jump in 2nd weekend and hold well in 2nd weekdays.

Kick has started slow on 2nd Thursday Morning shows. Film is right now holding well in Noon shows. It is again expected to show jump in Evening and Night time. Kick is almost certain to collect over 3 crore nett on day 14, which will take its second week total to 50 crore nett mark. Kick already collected a near about 164 crore nett in first week. That means film total collection at the end of the day will be around 214 crore nett.

Despite the release of a big film in Entertainment, Kick is certain to retain a good amount of selected screens for 3rd week. That means film has more than enough chance to collect decent in 3rd week also. Only question is that how Kick will be affected by the release of Entertainment is to be seen or whether there will be reverse affect.

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    1. i saw some people commenting negatively about KICK, how foolish people are you.., take D3, tell me any one what is there in D3, it is the most BAKWAAS FILM in this world, I was waiting to see how Aamir robs the bank, there is nothing shown in that about how robs the bank, also i was so anxiety to see the great indian magic trick, finally he brought a judwaa and made the audience fools, So all people first i request say to remove the STUPIDITY of ur mind, then compare KICK & D3, iN Kick, i observed each and every scene, director made a meaningful connectivity between each and every scene, there is a good message in that film, nice comedy part, and action is also good, the scene about the little girl, i don't have words to praise that scene songs also good. In D3 except bike riding there is nothing, with D3 audience ko vullo banadiya director ney, ( no bank rob scene/ no trick in great indian magic, no comedy, no story, no message)

    2. CE 3rd Week total Collection was 218.... But dhoom 3 3rd Week total Collection was 277...
      Kick Easily Beat CE... Not beat Dhoom 3.....
      Kick 2nd Week Collection 214... Easy to beat CE...Nd Maybe its possible to beat..KE3.....
      Anyway time will say that.....

    3. CE 227 total and kick will not beat this collection mark my words

    4. @Saif UL Islam C.E collection was confirmed 227 cr and Kick will 100% cross that mark.

  2. ekdam bakwaas movie he. it got the benefit of EID. otherwise iska bhi JAI HO ki tarah haal hota. CRAP SALMAN!!!!!!

  3. It's a must watch for everyone. Great family movie.

  4. admin Addatoday@ how can u say that it is unstopabale ??? with more than 3000 screens, high price. it is collecting in the range of 3-4 crore??? in case od CE it was collecting more having 1500 screens..

  5. 2014 Bollywood BO prediction

    200cr film: Kick.
    150cr film: PK, HNY & Bang Bang
    100 cr film: Jai Ho, 2 States, Holiday, Ek Villain, Singham Returns.

    Rest 1-2 film will surprisingly touch 100cr.

  6. dear admin kaalia kick ko kal kitne screens milenge aur kal kitna business kar sakti hai

  7. I think it is one of the finest movies of 2014. Don't miss it. Life time collection should be 225 plus.

  8. Kick eezz already a bbuster....all foolish ...ezx tuning abt Call the magic off being human