August 9, 2014

Entertainment Opens Well on Saturday (2nd Day) in Morning Shows.

Entertainment may have started slow on Friday (1st Day) Morning shows, but that is not the case for Second Day (Saturday). Film has opened much better on 2nd day and is expected to do well through the day as well as weekend is approaching.

Entertainment has open to occupancy of 35-40% on Saturday Morning shows specially in multiplexes. Friday registered opening of around 30% for the same. That means film has shown a growth of around 25% in Today Morning shows itself. Still majority of the day to go. Single Screens are just started and reports are awaited. Hope film holds well there on from day one and if that happens it is certain that Saturday collection are bound to come better than 1st day.

Places like Delhi, Gurgaon, Lucknow have open good. Even Mumbai has started better than yesterday. Pune is rocking in Morning shows today. Kanpur is relatively slow in Morning shows again like yesterday. Hyderabad has taken moderate start today but very good advances are there for rest of the day.

Occupancy Report of Entertainment for Saturday Morning Shows (Selected Cinemas) - 

Delhi - 40%
Gurgaon - 35-40%
Mumbai - 35%
Hyderabad - 30-35%
Kanpur - 20%
Lucknow - 35%
Pune - 45-50%

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  1. Replies
    1. in your dreams only. loser

    2. Yahan time waste kyun kar rahe ho apna ghatiya review de kar.....jab tumahri pasand ki film aayegi to dekh laina....apna time bachayo aur bakwaas karne ki jagga so jayo

  2. I saw last night. Totally Bakwaas. Hamshakal was 100 times better than Entertainment.

    1. @ Rohit, who forced you to watch it, if i don't like any actor than i don;t watch his or her move and at the same time please stop creating negativity around this move. we all know losers like you.

  3. Entertainment is better than kick
    I watch it .

  4. Another FLOP is on the way!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Salman can give hits only on holidays. See what happened to jai ho.