July 2, 2014

Transformers: Age of Extinction Movie Review.

Non-Spoiler Transformers: Age Of Extinction (T4) Movie Review

Transformers: Age of Extinction (T4) starts off where Transformers: Dark Of The Moon (T3) had ended. At the start of the film we see a board on the roadside showing signs of Chicago war - "Remember Chicago?" which gives us clear indication that this film is not a reboot like many people have said in the social media. Its a sequel to T3 with a complete new star cast. Yes there's no Sam Witwicky in this flick and you are going to miss him badly. First thing first, Transformers films are always known for their jaw dropping action and visual effects more than the story. Though Transformers 1 and Transformers 3 had good plot, Transformers 2 got severe criticism for its weak plot line. Same goes with Transformers 4. It is panned by majority of the critics for its script. T4 is strictly for Transformers fans and for those who love watching grand action, car chase sequences, city destruction and edge of the seat 'Michael Bay' style VFX spectacle. Plot wise its not as disastrous as T2 but its not good either. Its average. 
Positives: There's no leading actress in T4 as it is hardly needed in a Transformers movie, a great move I must say. Mark Wahlberg and Nicola Peltz played a nice father-daughter duo. Excellent acting by both. Emotions worked pretty well. Rest of the actors acted well too. Film caries great humor throughout, doesn't get bored. So many jokes make you laugh out loud. 

Transformers: Dark of the Moon (T3) had everything great direction, classy action and special effects, eye popping 3D effects, suspense. Thought that it would be tough for this new installment to match up to its prequel's standard before its release. But pleasantly special effects in Transformers Age Of Extinction (T4) is one step ahead of T3. Transformation of the newly built transformers (flying cubical transformation) and the scene where alien space ship sucks every metal thing into it and throws back to the ground deserves an applause. You feel like its actually happening in the city that much real it looked. Technically it is easily amongst the finest Hollywood movie made till date.

Action and Cinematography looks great on the big screen. Brilliant Sound Mixing, Background Score keeps you engaged with the film for 165 minutes.

Negatives: Film lacks logic at time and you feel like - "Woah, how the hell that has happened, why the hell that has happened." So many fight scenes in the second half which looked greatly choreographed but after some point it becomes an headache. 100 plus minutes are dedicated for action which is too much. Plus the run time is too long: 2 hrs 45 minutes. Editing team could have done a better job by chopping off some necessary 20-25 minutes from the movie.

Final Verdict: Don't expect a great plot with T4, but truly enjoy the thrilling edge of the seat spectacular entertainment. Recommended.

Ratings - 3.5*/5*

Guest Post Written By - Tejan Shrivastava.
Twitter Handle - @BeingTeJan

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