July 26, 2014

Kick Movie Review 2. Alternate one!

When you see a Salman Khan film poster is attached to a portal of a theater and you are approaching towards it entrance to see it an inherent anticipation of entertainment is built up. Kick is definitely not only the exception but it is very rare showcase of scruplous and tactful film presentation which can rejuvenate the crumbling situation of recent Salman’s films’ execution also. This one made the Dabangg series, Bodyguard or recent Jai ho to fall on vile category.

STORY: Two soon to be married groom (Randeep hooda as Himanshu Tyagi) bride (Jacqueline Fernandes as Shaina) meets in a train at Warsaw. In a tete-a-tete Shaina said about her past which was shimmered by the presence of her ex boyfriend Devi Lal Singh (Salman Khan). Devi did crazy things to accomplish his willing by the mean of adrenaline rush which he mentioned as KICK. He is a successful civil engineer and left thirty two jobs because that did not offer kick. He also left the psychiatrist Shaina for alone and the reason is same, kick. Anxious Himanshu, a brave and ponderous police officer, said that he got several medals for his galancy is insatiable now because of a thief Devil whom he never arrested. After their meeting get over Devil returns to their life and things get changed .

ANALYSIS: Salman Khan as Devil aka Devi Lal is buoyant in polished performance. His dance, his humour, his action is totally fresh. In this film he reinvented himself from drudgery of masala films. He took the onous of the propagation of script. His romance  is meant to fathom people’s heart The confrontation between Randeep and him is very engaging! He owned the film. His emotions strike the right chord with audience. He looks much more younger than his age! His fight for the noble cause made him adorable. This is Salman’s best work after Tere Naam! Yes you just heard it right.

Jacqueline Fernandes is a puff of fresh air in this film! She is confident, charming and amplifies the hotness exponentially. Her attire and looks will make her an obvious choice for future’s big budget action thrillers. Her dance in Jumme Ki Raat showed her ample skills on it. She is a big star now. Randeep Hooda played the role of a smart cop who showed his forbearness and stayed miles away from dismay. The chases, challenges and conversations between him and Salman are the main highlights of the film. The main antagonist Nawazuddin Siddiqui is brilliant in every sense. His signature mouth sound and laugh made him a big menace! He executes his job nicely. For the first time he was introduced to mainstream commercial big budget film and he passed with letter marks. Mithun chakraborty as father of Salman did an awesome job. Vipin Sharma, Sanjay Mishra, ArchanaPuran Singh, Kevin and Sumona all did a good job. The music of the film had been superb. Hangover and Jumme ki Raat all are presented in a spruce way. Nargis Fakhri and the Yaar na Mile song are introduced in exact way! Julius Packiam had a great time in scoring background music! DOP Ayananka Bose made each and every frame so beautiful and opulent. Because of him the film looks internationally viable. The actions and stunts looks cut edge and the thrills left people nail biting. The action sequences are well composed specially the bus chase. Wow will be the perfect word for that sequence! Sajid Nadiadwala‘s direction is excellent and top notch. None will say this is his debut directorial. Each frame looks perfect. His vision is responsible for this grandeur. Rajat Arora ‘s dialogue went super hit specially 'dil me ata hu samajh me nahi' draws the premise of the film. Chetan Bhagat as a writer did a decent job as it’s a remake so the basic plot is same. He ensured few contemporary sequences which attracted the people in a big way specially the being human saga.

FLAWS: Yes the film had some down points! The bar scene between Mithun and Salman does not make people laugh. First half is bit stretched! Songs could be better. The jokes apart from Sourav Shukla’s did not work and in the end Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s wanna be Prakash Raj type act is total awful.

Over all kick is very quintessential action thriller with superb execution and bravura performances by all the actors specially Salman Khan. It is definitely help him to regain the top slot! If you are his ardent fan you will have a gala time in the theater. And if u are not, then bhai eidi lene aa raha hai.. Be a part of this MASSIVE BLOCKBUSTER !!

RATING : ★★★★

Guest Post by Soudip Chatterjee
Twitter Handle - @DDarkestKnight

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  1. @soudip for the first time I completely afree with ur opinion.kick is to Bollywood wat avengers is to Hollywood,both not high on logic and storyline but superb execution make tgem a paisa vasool watch.

    1. well avengers is a superhero film - obviously isn't supposed to be logical.

  2. @riz and salman is the superhero of Indian cinema.in kick we see his character do lot of things that will look ridiculous and stupid if anyone else had done it.but bcz of salman's charm and larger than life image it looks convincing and entertaining.ex:
    Salman is a college topper in civip engineering but has still left 32 well paid jobs bcz he doesn't get the kick to do them and at one point he is even shown working in a chemical lab.nw what was a cvl engineer doing in a chemical lab

    1. he might play larger than life action heroes, but thats different from being a superhero. i think hrithik and akshay are better in action than salman.

  3. Hahahahahahahaha.... What a joke Salman best performance after tere naam..lol.... It's a worst performance by Salman in his career and most pathetic movie of recent times... Real audience se pucho film kisi h. Salman ke andhe fans se nahi or paid review ki bajaye honest review dekho. Tab pata chalega kitni dabba movie banai h... Salman ke honest fan ko bhoot disappointment hui h.......

  4. Salman fans 200 crore bhool
    Jao, 150 bhi karegi to bhoot badi achieve ment hogi or han 300 to sapne mein bhi mat socha...

  5. salman will be KICKED out of bollywood after this ,,,cartoon movie ,,,,.. this criminal salman is going nowhere ,,other than tihad jail with ridiculous remakes like this ...poor fans

  6. 52cr in india 13cr in oversesr in 2 days
    worldwide collection of kick in 2 days is 65cr
    Srk ce frst day world wide collection is 65cr...
    At the tym of ett salman fans kuch aise the..
    Record todna bas salman ke aadat ha. Bhai apna hi record khud todte ha... mivie jaise bi ho hum bs salman ko dekhne jate ha.. collection dekho pahle..
    Or aftr jai ho
    Bhai paiso ke liye movie nai krte unke pas bohot paise ha.. aise movie aajtak nai bni.... kick aane do
    Salman fans aftr kick
    Ramadan chal rha ha to muslim gae nai bla bla bla bla...
    Eid pr dekhna...
    Aftr eid wo kuch aise bolenge
    Srk me kaha dum non holidy or rls krne ka
    Hny flop hogi bla bla bt fact is salman khan is finished.... ek bar chala ab gya...
    Papa uske pahle bi shine kr rhe the or aaj bi kr rhe ha or krte rhenge... bcha baap se ekbr aage nikal skta ha lekin baap ko hara nai skta
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