January 12, 2014

Aamir Khan says 'Jai Ho' in Reply to Salman Khan's Dhoom Machale.

Aamir Khan never promoted or tweeted his film Dhoom 3 in Social media like Twitter and Facebook. However he has changed his stance for his 'dear friend' Salman Khan and has kick started promotion of 'Jai Ho' upcoming Bollywood biggie in Twitter and Facebook. Aamir says in Twitter and Facebook, "12 days to go.... JAI HO!!"

Few days back Aamir Khan sent his Bowler Hat from Dhoom 3 to Salman and asked him to wear it in some event. Salman wore that Hat literally for days in Bigg Boss show and extensively promoted the film there. Thanking for the gesture Aamir said that he will try to promote Salman next film in whatever possible manner. 

In recent years Both Aamir and Salman have come close and there is a mutual admiration for each other. What is interesting that both do films of different genre and still there is likability. In B Town there is lots of insecurity among leading actors/actresses and always seems one-upmanship among each other. Such friendship come as a breath of fresh air in such competitive industry. Literally one can see there is no such insecurity between those two stars and they want badly each other film to succeed at box office. Such gesture come as an inspiration for others to look to and praise each other works. Even their fans will learn something from it. It is the film industry who finally gets benefits if film works at box office. Lesson for others... what say?

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