October 21, 2013

Krrish 3 Challenging all Existing Benchmark. Potential Threat to Chennai Express?

Two films Krrish 3 and Dhoom 3 are set to be real threat to Chennai Express this year for the biggest grosser of the year. And this is an open secret for all. Chennai Express collected over 220 crore in its lifetime and did unimaginable business at box office. CE raised the benchmark and now taking stride from CE upcoming films will look to touch or cross 220+ crore nett at India Theatricals.

3 Idiots which was released nearly 4 years back was the first film ever to cross 200 crore nett in its lifetime. After that no film reached near that level, except last year Ek Tha Tiger which nearly touched that magical mark of 200 crore nett. After a long wait this year only Chennai Express did the unthinkable of crossing 200 crore and even crossing the 3 Idiots finally.

So, what is the actual issue that despite large releases, ticket prices, population increase, films are not able to touch this 200 crore mark. Forget that even big films are struggling hard to reach 100 crore nett even.

If 3 Idiots can touch 200 crore with 1300 screens and around 30% lesser ticket price (average) then today, then why are films not matching upto the standards of that film.

With Krrish 3 there is a lot in stake. First film has to recover its monumental price tag. Then benchmark of 200 crore and Chennai Express lifetime marks are the targets. And if somehow that is managed, then look for some unthinkable numbers at box office.

What going good for Krrish 3 at Indian Box Office

1. Solo release in Diwali.Trade believes there is enough space for two big films to clash in Diwali and this time we have only Krrish 3 as option for audiences.
2. Around 4100-4200+ screen release in India including Tamil and Telugu dubbing. Hindi Version alone will be released in nearly 4000 screens as per reports.
3. Being solo release single day capacity itself is of collecting 40 crore or even more.
4. A good 4-5 days collection will take film easily near 150 crore and that's why 200 crore is a realistic chance for the film.
5. Hrithik Roshan as Super Hero in Krrish Franchise coming after long time in Silver Screen under the direction of Rakesh Roshan. Anything more to be said.

So, with monumental expectation Krrish 3 is about to be unleashed this Diwali. Countdown for the film begins as only 10 more days are left. First Print of the film will come out today and might be shown to insiders and exhibitors soon so that proper exact screenings might be known. As for Box Office Prediction, Advance Booking Report, Satellite Rights and other in depth details for the film will be posted accordingly within the due course of time till the release of the film. We have a huge expectation from the film and we hope that audiences are also eagerly waiting for this project. Moreover Hrithik Roshan is also coming to big screen after a long time. It can't get bigger than this.

Do let's share your take on Krrish 3!

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